Magnum ice cream makes the perfect sweet treat for any date night

Magnum Ruby Minis, photo provided by Magnum
Magnum Ruby Minis, photo provided by Magnum /

We love ice cream. And when it comes to planning a sweet treat for Valentine’s Day, date night, or even an impromptu Galentine’s, Magnum is our go-to choice for that ice cream.

And while you may be wondering why we are turning to Magnum Ice Cream as our sweet treat for date night (especially around Valentine’s Day), the reality is that this is a brand that knows how to deliver on the flavors we love. Plus, if you are thinking of a romantic theme for that date, there are actually some interesting options to choose from!

What do I mean by this? Well, they have Duet Bars, which are ice cream bars that have been dipped expertly in two different kinds of chocolate. And since the ice cream itself is a raspberry swirled vanilla, that adds to the decadence of this treat. But bringing two flavors of chocolate together makes us think of a couple coming together to make magic happen, so of course this belongs at date night (or at least at our date night).

Have you thought of adding Magnum Ice Cream to your date night?

Magnum Red Velvet Tub. Image courtesy Magnum /

Of course, if you want to get a bit more cozy with your sweetheart, may we suggest the Magnum Double Red Velvet Tub? We got the opportunity to try this ice cream and we have officially fallen in love. And while we normally don’t share our ice cream, in this case, there is something extra sweet about cozying up on Valentine’s Day with this delectable offering.

With the Magnum Double Red Velvet Tub, guilty eaters everywhere get to enjoy “smooth cream cheese ice cream with creamy chocolate ganache sauce, white chocolate and rich red velvet cake crumbs, all enveloped in a cracking white chocolate shell.” Sounds amazing right? And in our eyes, it is also a perfect treat for getting a little bit of romance on at date night.

We love our ice cream, but what we are really loving is all things Magnum Ice Cream and their ability to make date night special.

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But we want to know what you think. Are you a fan of Magnum Ice Cream? What is your favorite sweet treat from the brand? And will you be adding them to your date night?