Thirsty Thursday: Welcome the spring season with Twisted Tea Light

Twisted Tea, Hard Iced Tea. ☀️🍋This is not a drill! Twisted Tea Light now available nationwide
Twisted Tea, Hard Iced Tea. ☀️🍋This is not a drill! Twisted Tea Light now available nationwide /

If the temperatures aren’t already rising where you live, trust me, that time is right around the corner and you want your beverage fridge to be ready for that time. Our drink recommendation for this edition of Thirsty Thursday, is Twisted Tea Light — because you want a delicious drink AND keep up that summer body goal, right?

Whether you are already a fan of Twisted Tea or not, this is a new drink you’ll want to keep on your radar. As the press release shares, Twisted Tea Light is as refreshing as the original, but the twist here is that it’s only 110 calories and with 6 grams of sugar. These drinks are also at 4% ABV with each serving. But we’re not just going off the press release here, Twisted Tea shipped these to us so we can try for ourselves and we can confirm!

Twisted Tea Light is a must-have this spring season

Now, I live in Texas, but the temperatures here are still under or around 60 degrees. You don’t have to live in Texas to know that it’s only a matter of weeks before the extreme heat and humidity arrive! And when that happens, it’s good to know I already have something cool and refreshing waiting for me.

When it comes to “light” beverages, the main question on everyone’s mind is — is it any good? As you already know, most food and beverages with low to no sugar have that obvious “diet” taste. I have to admit, Twisted Tea Light does taste different than the regular drink. However, it’s not a bad different. It’s honestly really good, which is great as low-calorie drinks that are also great tasting are not easy to find.

Which drinks are your go-to when spring and summer arrive? Will you be stocking up on Twisted Tea Light? Return next Thursday to see what we have for you next!

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