Buffalo Wild Wings is the exclusive home of this limited edition MTN DEW

MTN DEW Legend Exclusively Available at Buffalo Wild Wings
MTN DEW Legend Exclusively Available at Buffalo Wild Wings /

Do you love Buffalo Wild Wings? Are you a fan of MTN Dew? Then you need to head to the closest BWW and get your snack and sip on! Okay, there is more to this news than sipping on some straight MTN Dew.

According to a press release from both Buffalo Wild Wings and MTN Dew, we learned that starting March 3, select locations of the restaurant will be offering an exclusive flavor of the Dew. This new flavor is called Legend and will be available only at Buffalo Wild Wings locations.

And while the flavor will only be at select locations right now, in mid-May the chain is planning a nationwide release. But that’s the thing. If you want to try this special flavor you can only go to Buffalo Wild Wings!

Buffalo Wild Wings is the exclusive home of the MYN Dew Legend

So why are we excited for this new flavor of MTN Dew? And what makes it so legendary?

The way the MTN Dew Legend flavor is described has it as a drink that is,

"Curated for those who embrace the fun and freedom in life, this standout beverage combines the exhilarating taste of original MTN DEW with notes of blackberry, citrus, and ginger. With its bold charge and refreshing taste, MTN DEW Legend is uniquely designed to elevate Buffalo Wild Wings’ sauces, burgers, and other bar food items."

Honestly, we love the classic MTN Dew, so taking that and elevating it with the addition of ginger, citrus, and blackberry is enough to get us excited to get our sip on. These flavors sound refreshing all together. And we can imagine ordering a plate of parmesan garlic boneless wings and the Honey BBQ bone-in wings with a glass of the MTN Dew Legend and just blissing out on a lazy Sunday afternoon.

Of course, if you want to try this new flavor of Dew, you’ll want to check with your closest Buffalo Wild Wings to make sure that they have it on tap. And of course, we can always wait until May for the nationwide release too.

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What do you think Guilty Eaters? Are we excited for this new, BWW exclusive flavor of MTN Dew? Will you be giving this a try? What will you pair with the Legend? Let us know in the comments.