Top 6 appetizers from Chili’s: Which are must tries?

Chili's Grill and Bar, photo courtesy Chili's
Chili's Grill and Bar, photo courtesy Chili's /

If you’ve ever been to a Chili’s restaurant near you, then you know that they not only have some great variety of menu items, but they also have a lot of different items to choose from – get something new and different every time you dine there!

If you’re on the other side of the spectrum and have never been to a Chili’s restaurant at least once, then stay tuned here because we will be diving into some of the most fan-favorite appetizers on their menu of all time!

At Chili’s, there are so many choices! Here are the top six appetizers that you should try!

6. Triple Dipper

Price: $14.49

If you’re like me and you can almost never decide which appetizers to get or you just like too many things and love choices, then this particular appetizer is right up your alley at Chili’s! You get to choose from 16, yes you heard us right, 16 different apps – pick three and enjoy!

Here are your options to choose from:

  • Boneless Buffalo Wings
  • Boneless Honey-Chipotle Wings
  • Boneless House BBQ Wings
  • Boneless Mango-Habanero Wings
  • Buffalo Wings (Bone-In)
  • Honey-Chipotle Wings (Bone-In)
  • House BBQ Wings (Bone-In)
  • Mango-Habanero Wings (Bone-In)
  • Original Chicken Crispers
  • Crispy Chicken Crispers
  • Crispy Honey-Chipotle Chicken Crispers
  • Crispy Mango-Habanero Chicken Crispers
  • Southwestern Egg Rolls
  • Crispy Cheddar Bites (Curds)
  • Fried Pickles
  • Big Mouth Bites (Mini Burger Sliders)

Personally, I would choose the Crispy Cheddar Bites (Curds), the Big Mouth Bites (Mini Burger Sliders), and the Boneless House BBQ Wings!

What endless combination would you choose?

5. Classic Nachos

Price: $10.79 (Plain Version)

Nachos are legit one of the most classic appetizers of all time! Whether you’re having Taco or Mexican night at your house for dinner, heading over to your nearest favorite Mexican restaurant, or even at a sporting event for your favorite sports team, chances are pretty fairly high that Nachos will be present as well!

If you wanna add some meat on your Classic Nachos, then try adding either beef or chicken for just an extra $1.50 (both options would then equal $12.29 to share)! I’d even consider asking what the charge would be to add both – double the protein, double the treat!

4. Fried Pickles

Price: $7.79

Ahh…yet another super classic and quick-and-easy to eat appetizer on our list over here. The best way to eat these, by far and no questions asked whatsoever, is with some delicious house-made ranch that, yup you guessed it, Chili’s does serve it with!

Not a fan of regular ranch? Try their Avocado Ranch or their Ancho Chile Ranch! Both are great options and both are definitely spending an extra fifty cents or so (whatever the upcharge is worth it)! Don’t like ranch at all? Then why even order fried pickles in the first place?!

3. Crispy Cheddar Bites

Price: $8.29

In case you’re unsure of what this particular appetizer is, these are cheese curds – potentially one of the best appetizers to ever be created…yes, literally ever! These are made with a variety of both yellow and white Wisconsin-made cheeses. They are also topped with chile spices and also served ranch (the best dip to dip these in, although, if you’ve never tried marinara sauce with cheese curds, it’s definitely a mood, and a combo that I totally ship and love 100 percent)!

2. White Spinach Queso

Price: $9.29

You might be thinking to yourself: isn’t this just another version of some sort of spinach dip? Well, my answer to that question of yours is a sweet and simple ‘nope’. Yes, it’s got spinach in it, but it doesn’t have that much to the point where you can’t taste the white queso itself alone. There are two things that I don’t like about it, although it is very good: for one thing, it’s topped with some salsa and guac…it’s queso…why?! Second off, when you order it to-go (not sure how it is in person, though, never actually ordered it while sitting down there, it just simply doesn’t come with enough! Is there a way to order a 55-gallon drum of it (as my Dad likes to say with things that he really loves)?! I’ll call Chili’s and get back to y’all on that one! Thoughts on their queso?!

1. Loaded Boneless Wings

Price: $12.29

If you love both their regular boneless wings as well as their white queso dip, then you’re in luck because these semi-naked boneless wings are legit (according to the picture on the website) and completely smothered with some delicious and creamy white queso, shredded cheese, and bacon! Kinda like a take on some delicious loaded fries, but with crispy little chicken bites! Anything else sound better to you? Not to me (hence why it’s #1 on this list, even though I’ve never actually tried them before – only merely thought about it)! Have any of you tried it before? Let me know!

Honorable Mention

Skillet Queso – Original and made with beef

Price: $8.29

Don’t like white queso dip!? Prefer orange cheese-based queso dip?! This queso dip will certainly be the choice for you then! While it’s also served with some chips and salsa, forget that as a part of this appetizer because this Skillet Queso is unlike any other out there! It’s original recipe is back and it’s made with some traditional-spiced and flavored ground beef in there as well! Talk about a nice and cheesy dip with some delicious protein mixed in! Sounds like a party to me! Right?!

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What do you think of this list of the top 6 apps over at Chili’s? Agree or disagree? Let us know down below! We’d love to chat, and keep an eye out for the top 6 entrees from Chili’s….coming soon! See you there, y’all!