Honey Mama’s new Birthday Cake truffle bars are here

Honey Mama's Birthday Cake bars. Image courtesy Honey Mama's
Honey Mama's Birthday Cake bars. Image courtesy Honey Mama's /

Ever since they first arrived on the scene, Honey Mama’s Cocoa Truffle Bars have earned a devout and strong following. The all-natural bars have been a hit from day one with the organic food crowd and have since made inroads with fans of more traditional dessert bars.

The bars, which Honey Mama’s is proud to say include only five ingredients, come in a variety of flavors including Original Dutch, Coffee Nib Crunch and a favorite of mine, Cherry Hazelnut.

The company doesn’t introduce new flavors often. The last new flavor was Chocolate Cake, which was the first one since 2020 when Tahini Tangerine arrived on the scene. But according to the press email Guilty Eats received at our top secret headquarters somewhere in South Philly, that’s all about to change.

Taking inspiration from their popular Chocolate Cake flavor, they have announced the arrival of Birthday Cake Cocoa Truffle Bars which are their first ever blonde cocoa truffle bar.

Honey Mama’s new Birthday Cake Truffle Bars are available online and in stores.

Honey Mama's
Honey Mama’s Birthday Cake bars. Image courtesy Honey Mama’s /

The new Birthday Cake truffle bars bring everything you love about birthday cake and transform it into a blonde truffle bar. It includes creamy cashews, raw honey, and vanilla extract to give you the feeling of frosting and the whole thing is covered with naturally dyed sprinkles.

The effect is everything you remember about birthday cake as a kid but 100 times healthier for you. They are currently available online for $24 for a pack of four or $62 for a pack of 12 or at your local market.

We here at Guilty Eats were lucky enough to try some of the new bars and we have to say they are as good as advertised. The best part though is knowing you are eating something all natural and organic so there’s no need to feel guilty afterwards.

Which is something us here at Guilty Eats struggle with.

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