Try Hungryroot for a healthier grocery shopping experience!

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As readers of this site, most of us are fans of “guilty eats.” Fast food, ice cream, candy; I love them all….but one cannot live on French fries and milkshakes alone. Whether you like to cook or not, we all have to deal with the daily question of: “What’s for dinner?” (and breakfast and lunch!). Since March is National Nutrition Month, have you been thinking about incorporating healthier foods into your diet? Fortunately, Hungryroot is here to help.

Hungryroot is a personalized grocery and meal planning service. Do you hate going to the grocery store? Is it tough to decide what to have for breakfast, lunch or dinner?  Do you want to try some healthier snacks? Hungryroot has you covered.

Hungryroot: a healthier, personalized grocery shopping experience! 

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By completing a short online quiz, Hungryroot can identify your dietary preferences and provide recipes and groceries that they think you will enjoy. However, everything is a recommendation only.

Their online Cookbook is a gamechanger. Each recipe comes with the ingredients that can be purchased on Hungryroot. Sample recipes that can be found include Roasted Salmon Sweet Kale Salad, Creamy Primavera Linguine and Turkey Meatballs and Southwestern Chicken + Black Bean Bowl. Even better, most recipes can be made in 15 minutes or less!

There are recipes for all different dietary preferences including vegetarian, vegan, gluten-free, dairy-free and more.  Recipes can be searched by different criteria including protein type, spice level and dietary needs. After you’ve selected your recipes and meals for the week, you can then add on your other groceries.  Fruits, veggies and snacks can all be added to your order. Plus, as mentioned earlier, they will also recommend items based on your quiz answers. As you rate and review the products in your delivery, the suggestions will become more tailored to your preferences.

Hungryroot is a subscription service, with plans starting at $65 per week. Plans can be paused or canceled. This is a great way to get help with meal planning, eat healthier and try new products!

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Guilty Eaters, is Hungryroot a service that interests you? Would this be a service you tried?