Have you heard of Elenita, the Sparkling Mezcal?

Meet Elenita, the FIRST RTD Mezcal Cocktail. Image courtesy Elenita
Meet Elenita, the FIRST RTD Mezcal Cocktail. Image courtesy Elenita /

Is there anything better than trying something new with friends? Maybe not. And this year, we are trying something new thanks to Elenita.

When it comes to parties and gatherings with friends, there is something about digging through the cooler of cans to find something that sounds good and ends up being delicious that makes any occasion fun and interesting. And while Hard Seltzers have certainly taken over the drink cooler, we are always on the hunt for new canned drinks to sip on. This is where Elenita comes into the picture.

According to the press email we received introducing us to Elenita, it is a “first of its kind sparkling mezcal.” And if you are not familiar with mezcal, it is a distilled alcohol, often made with agave. With Elenita, we get four flavors of sparkling mezcal that bring together the mexcal, sparkling water, juices, and other natural flavors.

Elenita is a Sparkling Mezcal that is light and refreshing

While Elenita definitely calls to mind Hard Seltzer, it also feels like it is a step up from that. It is available is four different flavors and is available in both a multi-pack of eight cans and individual packs of just the individual flavors, also in an eight pack of cans.

The four flavors of Elenita Sparkling Mezcal are:

  • Strawberry Mule (This drink offers a hint of ginger that adds a little kick to go with the subtle sweetness of the strawberry.)
  • Pineapple Jalapeno (Spicy with a tropical twist, this is definitely a fun flavor.)
  • Passionfruit Paloma (This one has a little kick to it as well with a bit of sweet.)
  • Cucumber Lime Basil (This was definitely our favorite thanks to the citrusy kick of lime and the mellow cucumber and basil.)

With so many drinks on the market, it can be hard to decide which ones to pick up. But if you are hosting a small gathering and want to try something new, we think Elenita might just be the perfect choice.

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