Whataburger gives us three new sandwiches with a Southern flair

Whataburger's Southern Bacon Double Whatameal
Whataburger's Southern Bacon Double Whatameal /

When it comes to delicious sandwiches done quickly and right, Whataburger always delivers. And their latest, limited edition additions to the menu bring the Southern flair and the flavor.

So what are the three new sandwiches? According to a recent press release from Whataburger, the new sandwiches are the Whataburger Southern Bacon Double and two versions of the Whataburger Southern Bacon Chicken Sandwich, one with a grilled chicken fillet and one with the classic Whatachick’n Filet.

While these three sandwiches are only available while supplies last, we are definitely excited to get to the closest Whataburger location to get our eat on. After all, we need to see what makes the Southern flair of it all work as something new.

Whataburger brings the Southern flair with three new offerings

Southern Bacon Whatachick’n Sandwich, Southern Bacon Grilled Chicken Sandwich /

For the burger, it “features two fresh, 100% beef patties layered with three pieces of crisp, smoky bacon and slices of Monterey Jack and American cheese topped with shredded cabbage, southern-style sauce, pickles and onions – all served on a toasted five-inch bun.” And maybe it is me but that sounds amazing. The slaw definitely takes this burger to the next level combined with the southern sauce (whatever that may be).

Then we have the chicken sandwiches, which they describe as, “either a Grilled Chicken or Whatachick’n Filet topped with two pieces of crisp, smoky bacon, fresh slaw, southern-style sauce and pickles on a brioche bun.” Once again, these two chicken sandwiches sound amazing and exactly like the kind of offerings that could compete in the great “Chicken Sandwich War!” In fact, we think they would be winning the war with both of these sandwiches in play.

With all three sandwiches being available for a limited time only, now would be the time to give any one of these a try, depending on which flavors call to your taste buds.

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We can’t wait to try these sandwiches, but what about you Guilty Eaters? Are you excited for these new limited edition sandwiches? Which will you be trying first? Let us know.