Great British Baking Show host Matt Lucas becomes a contestant

Noel, Matt, Paul and Prue.
Noel, Matt, Paul and Prue. /

Matt Lucas has been a host for at least a couple of seasons of the Great British Baking Show, but recently, he stepped down from his hosting duties and became one of the contestants. Does he have baking skills? No. But he did it for a good cause!

On April 5, 2022, Matt Lucas put on an apron and became a contestant for The Great Celebrity Bake Off for Stand Up to Cancer. The show is part of the televised fundraiser to help raise money for cancer research.

Last year’s show was very memorable because James McAvoy participated and won Star Baker. Twitter exploded with suggestive gifs of him in the tent. It was fabulous.

But this year, Matt Lucas stepped up to the plate and showed off his baking skills for the cause. Alongside him were DJ Annie Mac, comedian Ed Gamble, and rapper Example.

Matt Lucas participates in Great British Baking Show for a good cause

For the Signature challenge, the celebrity bakers had to make biscuits, for the Technical Challenge, they had to make donuts, and for the Showstopper Challenge, they had to make a novelty cake that represented a job they had before they became famous.

Matt did fairly well during the biscuit challenge. Despite never making biscuits (!!!), he received a handshake from judge Paul Hollywood. Some of the fellow contestants yelled about nepotism which might be the case considering Paul helped Matt mold his dough!

At a different point in the show, host Noel Fielding was telling everybody how much time they had left but told Matt “you’ve got as long as you want.” Clearly, Matt had a bit of the upper hand!

But he did not end up taking the top spot of Star Baker. That award went to Example! He made a striking Australian landscape three-layered cake that the judges loved. I have to say, it looked much more impressive than Matt’s sad babysitting cake which included a flat sugar version of himself and a baby laying on the ground by the couch.

The other contestants made some pretty impressive cakes as well with Ed making a pub cake with a sugar version of himself slumped over (and the ghost of Paul Hollywood haunting the pub) and Annie making a chambermaid bed cake.

But Matt doesn’t seem too upset about not winning. As he said, he knows where they keep the Star Baker aprons so he can take one whenever he wants.

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