The Ferrero Easter lineup for 2022 is a sweet treat for all candy lovers

Ferrero Announces 2022 Easter Lineup. Image courtesy Ferrero
Ferrero Announces 2022 Easter Lineup. Image courtesy Ferrero /

Are you looking for some sweet treats this Easter for both kids and adults alike? Then look no further than the 2022 Ferrero Easter lineup of goodies.

No matter what holiday it may be, there is something about stocking up on the sweet treats that we love. And with Ferrero, we can make that happen with some of the tastiest offerings. In the Fall, it is all about the snack size Crunch and Butterfinger bars and the Fannie May S’mores Snack Mix packs and their Pixies. At Christmas, we snag all of the Ferrero Rocher chocolates so we can spoil all the people.

But at Easter, we sometimes forget that we can also turn to Ferrero for chocolate bunnies. Want a Crunch bunny? They have that! Love a Kinder Bueno treat? They have a variety of Easter offerings that work too.

So what else are we thinking of snagging for our Easter baskets in 2022?

Ferrero announced their Easter 2022 lineup that includes plenty of bunny themed treats

  • Fannie May Spring Mint Meltaways – Mint Meltaways are a Fannie May classic, and for Spring and Easter they bring the pastel colors to the party to get us in the Springtime mood.
  • Ferrero Collection Bunny Gift Box – This bunny box features a 13 piece assortment of Ferrero classics.
  • Tic Tac Fruit Adventure Easter Pack – Sometimes we forget how fun Tic Tac candies can be. And with how easy they are to throw in our purse or in the center console of our cars, these are a great option for a quick pick-me-up.
  • Butterfinger and CRUNCH NestEggs – Can you ever go wrong with the chocolate eggs at Easter? We think not! And while we have a love-hate relationship with the Cadbury Creme Eggs, when it comes to the Butterfinger and CRUNCH eggs, we think these are always a winner for our taste buds.
  • Kinder Bueno T4 Pack – These are a great way to bring the Kinder Bueno magic to any Easter basket as the T4 pack is “all dressed up for Easter in springtime graphics, featuring four individually wrapped crispy, creamy Kinder Bueno bars.”
  • CRUNCH Bunny – Every Easter basket needs a chocolate bunny and this is the ultimate choice for us chocolate lovers as we get a classic CRUNCH bar in an adorable bunny shape. Talk about winning the season.
  • Grand Ferrero Rocher – Love Ferrero Rocher? Want to elevate your gift giving? Then the Grand Ferrero Rocher is the way to go since it is “available in milk chocolate or dark chocolate, each Grand Ferrero Rocher features a chocolate shell with hazelnut pieces.”

Of course, there are certainly other items in the Ferrero Easter lineup for 2022, but we are definitely loving these the most, both for ourselves and for our gift giving needs.

Chocolove makes stuffing our Easter Baskets a sweet treat. dark. Next

What do you think fellow Guilty Eats readers? Which of these treats do you have to have this Easter? Are you a fan of all things Ferrero like we are? What is your favorite sweet treat during the Spring and Easter season? We want to know (and discuss) in the comments below.