Enjoy Boba Tea at Home With Boba Bam!

Boba Bam Instag Boba Packs.Image courtesy Boba Bam
Boba Bam Instag Boba Packs.Image courtesy Boba Bam /

Boba tea, also known as bubble tea, has become a very popular beverage. The drink, which originated in Taiwan, is usually made with tea and tapioca balls. It can be made with or without milk and a special large-sized straw (to accommodate the large tapioca pearls) is used to drink the tea.

My family loves this drink and we enjoy both traditional boba tea, as well as the non-milk, fruit teas with popping boba. The popping boba spheres are smaller than tapioca balls and literally burst with sweetened fruit liquid when bitten into. With a variety of different flavors combinations and types available, it’s a unique and fun drink.

Boba Bam lets you enjoy boba tea at home!

There’s something refreshing about a chilled tea beverage. However, at $5 plus a cup, drinking boba tea can get expensive. Some people may not even have easy access to boba tea shops near them.

Fortunately, Boba Bam has made it easy for people to enjoy boba tea in the comfort of their homes! Within minutes, you can be sipping a Boba Bam bubble tea. The tea is currently sold in the frozen section of Costco warehouses throughout the country and comes in a box of twelve servings for $11.99. It can also be found in 4-pack boxes at Aldi stores in California and Texas for $5.99. To find real-time availability in your area, check out the Boba Bam website. The tea is vegan, gluten-free and caffeine-free.

Boba Bam kindly sent me samples for my family to try and, I have to say, we are big fans! You can make the tea on the stove top, which takes a couple of minutes. However, we chose the microwave method, which literally only takes one minute! The box contains individual packets of the Boba tea mix. Once the packet is heated, you add the milk of your choice and some ice and within minutes, you have a delicious boba tea! Special-sized straws are included in the box so you can sip up the tapioca balls. Boba Bam is currently available in only one flavor, brown sugar, that comes with the large black, tapioca balls. We really enjoyed this flavor and found it to be sweet and refreshing.

While we enjoy drinking the Boba Bam bubble tea on its own, the company offers recipes and flavor combination suggestions on their social media pages. Have you ever mixed boba tea with ice cream to make a bubble tea float? It sounds amazing and I can’t wait to try it! They also suggest mixing Boba Bam with bottled Starbucks Frappuccino, for a coffee and tea combination.

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Have you tried boba tea?  Are you excited to be able to make bubble tea at home with Boba Bam?