Tipsy Scoop partners with Buxom for a limited edition collection

New Tipsy Scoop Collaboration. Image courtesy Tipsy Scoop
New Tipsy Scoop Collaboration. Image courtesy Tipsy Scoop /

When it comes to foodie collaborations, it seems like more and more often brands are thinking outside the box. And Tipsy Scoop is the latest brand to try something new when it comes to their collaboration efforts.

In fact, the New York-based ice cream brand that is know for their liquor-infused treats (and having what they call Barlours), has stepped outside of the ice cream shop and into the beauty store. Introducing the new (and limited edition) Tipsy Scoop x Buxom collab!

For anyone unfamiliar with Buxom, they are a beauty brand that is definitely know for the lip creams and glosses. And as someone who has multiple glosses from the brand, this has to be the ultimate foodie collaboration.

That is because the Tipsy Scoop x Buxom partnership is giving us not one, not two, but four stunning lip creams inspired by decadent liquor-infused ice cream flavors.

Tipsy Scoop partnered with Buxom to give us four stunning lip creams inspired by their ice cream

Tipsy Scoop
New Tipsy Scoop Collaboration. Image courtesy Tipsy Scoop /

The four limited edition shades are:

  • Buxom x Tipsy Scoop Vanilla Bean Bourbon Plumping Lip Cream (This is a gorgeous, creamy shade that gives us a next level beige lip color.)
  • Buxom x Tipsy Scoop Raspberry Limoncello Plumping Lip Cream (This vivid purple shade is the perfect pop of color to make a splash this Spring and into the summer.)
  • Buxom x Tipsy Scoop Tequila Mexican “Hot” Chocolate Plumping Lip Cream (Want a rich brown lip cream? Then this is the one for you, as it really does scream decadent chocolate ice cream but for your lips.)
  • Buxom x Tipsy Scoop Strawberry White Sangria Plumping Lip Cream (This pretty, warm pink tone is definitely my favorite shade of the quartet! I love the richness of the pink, while also appreciating the fact that it is in fact not an overly dark shade.)

Honestly, all four shades of these Buxom lip creams are truly stunning. And they definitely add something to our makeup collection that we have been missing (or maybe that we never knew we needed).

I love when foodie brands partner with makeup companies to give us products that are inspired by our favorite treats, but perhaps with less of the guilt associated with all those calories. And this partnership is definitely one we can get behind. In fact, we definitely plan to stock up while we can, because we need to make sure we have these colors long after the collection sells out.

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What do you say fellow beauty loving foodies? Do we love this collaboration between Tipsy Scoop and Buxom? Will you be snagging any of these lip creams for yourself?