The Pizza Hut struggle bus is back and this time it’s in Georgia

It’s time to once again board the struggle bus! Pizza Hut‘s truly legendary bus to combat our struggles is back and this time it’s in Georgia. Whether it’s because you love Pizza Hut pizza or because you want an escape from the daily grind, this is your time to enjoy a little you time.

According to the press email we received on behalf of Pizza Hut, the Struggle Bus officially arrived in Athens, Georgia for April 28 and 29, with the “Betches “U UP?” podcast hosts Jordana Abraham Marinelli and comedian Jared Freid taping an exclusive episode around the struggles of modern dating. Fans can even call into the dedicated “HUT-Line” we created to share their stories of red flags and dealbreakers here: 212-589-8903 for a chance to be anonymously featured in the episode.”

So on top of an escape from the grind (or the struggle if you will), the struggle bus is bringing some entertainment too.

The Pizza Hut Struggle Bus has returned to duty

While the Struggle Bus was on the road in New Orleans for the NCAA Final Four, that doesn’t necessarily mean that everyone will remember why this bus is so downright magical. But have no fear, we are here with a refresher of why we are pretty excited for this bus to return.

Among the things that the Pizza Hut Struggle Bus has to offer,

The bus has lounge areas, beds for power napping, soothing videos, interactive selfie experiences and plenty of Pizza Hut pizza to comfort any struggle.

Sounds pretty amazing right? We think so. After all, this bus offers a place to nap and to snack.

So if you are in Athens, Georgia and want to check out something cool, the Struggle Bus might just be the thing to do (or see). And if you do happen to get a chance to see this bus for yourself, we definitely think pictures are in order.

What do you say Guilty Eaters? Do you think the Struggle Bus needs to hit the road and stop in more cities in the U.S.? Where would you like to see the Struggle Bus pop up?