Belgian Boys brings European breakfast to your kitchen

Belgian Boys' Breakfast assortment. Image courtesy Belgian Boys
Belgian Boys' Breakfast assortment. Image courtesy Belgian Boys /

We all know that breakfast is “the most important meal of the day.” However, some people just don’t have the time to make a tasty and filling breakfast. Belgian Boys is looking to change that and wants you to enjoy breakfast in the mornings!

Belgian Boys was started in 2015 by two childhood friends who, as you can probably guess, grew up in Belgium. When they moved to NYC, they realized that they couldn’t find the Belgian food that they knew and loved.  Thus, their company was born to bring stroopwafels, cookies and even cheesecake to the masses. Although their products are made in Europe, the company is headquartered in Brooklyn, NY.

Besides treats and snacks, Belgian Boys also makes breakfast foods. Crêpes, Belgian waffles, bite-sized pancakes and chocolate-covered Belgian waffles are all part of their breakfast line. The company sent me samples of bite-sized pancakes, crêpes and their newest product: Brioche French Toast. All of their breakfast items can be heated in minutes, making their products perfect for busy mornings.

Belgian Boys Introduces Brioche French Toast To Their Product Line!

The Brioche French Toast is the newest addition to the Belgian Boys breakfast line. The bread slices are slightly thicker than your average store-bought bread and have “a touch of sugar” added so they have a sweetness to them. The French toast can be prepared in a toaster or frying pan and is ready in minutes. We cooked some French toast in the toaster oven and some in a pan. The toaster method gave the edges of the French toast a slight crunch. We enjoyed it topped with maple syrup. However, fresh berries would make a delicious alternative. While my family loves French toast, I don’t have time on weekday mornings to make it from scratch and this is a tasty convenience.

The bite-sized pancakes, known as poffertjes in the Netherlands, are not your regular pancakes. They are puffy, light and airy. We found the best method to eat these was to heat them in the microwave. They are made with yeast, which gives them their puffy shape. They have a slight chew and are delicious on their own or dipped in syrup.

Who doesn’t love crêpes? They are so versatile and are great topped with both sweet and savory toppings. I heated our crêpes up in a pan and then we topped them with chocolate sauce and strawberries. A local coffeeshop makes savory crepes that have spinach, caramelized onions and goat cheese inside. I’m looking forward to creating a similar recipe with these crêpes!

All three of these Belgian Boy products are made without artificial colors, flavors or preservatives. They can be purchased online and at select grocery stores throughout the country. However, the new Brioche French Toast is the only product exclusively sold at Target stores.

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Guilty Eaters, which of these Belgian Boy breakfast products do you want to try?