Grubhub offering free lunch to New Yorkers next week

Grubhub Giving All NYC Free Lunch. Image courtesy Grubhub
Grubhub Giving All NYC Free Lunch. Image courtesy Grubhub /

Whether working from home or at an office, it can be hard to remember to eat lunch once you get going on a project. Sometimes the time just slips away. But that isn’t really a good thing, is it? Lunch is just as important as breakfast and dinner and when given the time off, you should take it. Luckily, Grubhub is making it a little easier to eat lunch during the workweek.

On Tuesday, May 17, 2022 from 11 AM- 2 PM, Grubhub is pushing New Yorkers (and those in the surrounding New Jersey and Pennsylvania areas) to enjoy a free lunch on them. How? By using the Grubhub app, you can choose one of thousands of local restaurants that are part of the promotion. Then you just need to order your food (up to $15) and type in the promo code FREELUNCH into the app before you checkout.

But why is Grubhub focusing on lunch and not dinner or midnight snacks? Well, they recently surveyed 1,000 New York and national employees, and apparently, skipping lunch is a pretty big problem. While everyone loves lunch, they seem to skip it more often than not.

The survey found that  “72% of New Yorkers think it’s the most important meal of the day and 81% of them value it more now than pre-pandemic.” But despite this love for lunch, the results also found that “over half (69%) [of the participants] often skip it altogether” because they are “far too busy” or they “take less break time” than they used to before the pandemic.

Grubhub giving NYC employees free lunch for a day

While this work ethic is commendable, if there was ever a time when people needed a break to just chill and get something to eat, it’s now! People are burning out left and right and almost no one’s mental health is where they want it to be.

Grubhub Giving All NYC Free Lunch. Image courtesy Grubhub
Grubhub Giving All NYC Free Lunch. Image courtesy Grubhub /

And according to the survey results, employees know they should be taking their lunch. Nearly half of employees (47%) and even more New Yorkers (50%) say that having a real lunch break (not just 20-30 minutes) “would  improve their mental wellbeing.”

Due to these striking results, Grubhub is offering this promotion so people will feel the need to take their lunch. Free food can be very motivating! And this doesn’t mean eating while you’re working (I’m definitely guilty of this!). It means actually taking a break from work and enjoying your food. And, once again, it’s free! What more could you ask for?

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