Oh, Honey! Krispy Kreme introduces new sweet BEEutiful donuts

Krispy Kreme’s First-Ever Honey-Flavored Doughnuts Just Buzzed In. Image courtesy Kripsy Kreme
Krispy Kreme’s First-Ever Honey-Flavored Doughnuts Just Buzzed In. Image courtesy Kripsy Kreme /

Let’s celebrate the bees! Bees are such an important organism in our world, so let’s give them a shoutout – best way to do so? Let’s make some bee and honey themed donuts, and what better place to do so than over at Krispy Kreme! The Oh, Honey!-themed donuts are going to be super sweet and super delicious for all to enjoy!

Beginning today, May 9, 2022, the honey bee donuts will be available for a limited time only. How exactly will this help the bees out, as well as satisfy someone’s sweet donut craving? Should you choose to get the Honey Lovers Dozen, it will come with bee-friendly wildflower seed paper for people to plant! While supplies last, this paper will essentially thank and feed the bees.

In addition, here’s what else Krispy Kreme will be doing as well: they will also be planting flower gardens at select shops to create more “bee-friendly environments”.

Let’s dive into these brand new Oh, Honey donuts over at Krispy Kreme! Delish!

With this all new honey-themed line of donuts, there will be three different ones:

  • Honey Pull Apart Doughnut: “Glazed, light and airy honey doughnut clusters drizzled with salted honey icing”
  • Honey Bee Doughnut: “An Original Glazed doughnut dipped in yellow icing, decorated with black buttercream then finished with two mini cookie ‘wings'”
  • Honey Cake Doughnut: “A glazed Sour Cream Cake doughnut drizzled with honey icing and finished with an oat crispy topping”

Here’s what the Krispy Kreme Chief Marketing Officer (CMO), Dave Skena, had to say about all of this, and what they’re doing for the bees as well:

"“Our innovation team has been hard at work to create our first-ever honey doughnut collection. And so have honeybees!…So, help the honeybees by planting the flower seeds that we give you when you buy these delicious doughnuts.”~ Dave Skena, CMO of Krispy Kreme"

Throughout these brand new donuts run over at Krispy Kreme, and especially on World Bee Day, which is May 20, Krispy Kreme will also be supporting and celebrating different organizations that advocate for the well-being of honey bees! They wanna change the world one bee at a time! Bee and pollination advocation is also something that they are super proud and aware of as well!

Go get your Oh, Honey donuts for a limited time at participating Krispy Kreme’s near you!

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Which Oh, Honey donut will be your new favorite over at Krispy Kreme? What is your current favorite classic donut? Let’s chat down below all together! Eat up, enjoy, and…Buzz, Buzz!