Magnum Ice Cream and Nails INC collab on new nail polish line

Magnum Ice Cream is getting in on the merch craze that all the food brands seem to be doing these days. But instead of candles or apparel, they are partnering with Nails INC for a chocolate-scented nail polish line.

There are six nail polishes in the line and they all represent different Magnum Ice Cream Duet Bar flavors. The colors include Raspberry Swirl, White Chocolate, Double Chocolate, Glazed Almond, Classic Chocolate, and Crunchie Cookie. They went on sale Tuesday, May 17 on Nails INC’s website.

The Raspberry and White Chocolate polishes represent the Chocolate Duet bar, the Double Chocolate and Glazed Almond represent the Almond Duet bar, and the Crunchie Cookie and White Chocolate are for the Cookie Duet bar.

Magnum ice cream x Nails.INC Launch Ice Cream inspired, Chocolate-scented Nail Polish Line. Image courtesy Magnum

But these colors aren’t just pretty, they also smell good too. Not having to smell the chemical odor of nail polish is no small thing. And these are chocolate-scented which makes it even better!

Magnum Ice Cream x Nails INC collab on new nail polish

And if you’re looking for fun ways to use the polish, Magnum Ice Cream also partnered with nail artist Mei Kawajiri. She has worked with Dua Lipa, Barbie Ferriera, and Seth Rogan. With these new polishes, she created three fun nail designs that you can do on your own nails. And honestly, the designs look as good as the ice cream!

I have never wanted a food-inspired product more than I want these nail polishes. The colors are all pretty natural so you can wear them all the time and who doesn’t want chocolate-scented anything?? Although, you may crave chocolate way more than normal with the smell near you all the time. But that’s not necessarily a bad thing.

What do you think of these new Magnum Ice Cream nail polishes? Which color is your favorite? Let us know in the comments below!