MTN DEW Typhoon is making a limited-time return!

MTN DEW Typhoon. Image courtesy MTN DEW
MTN DEW Typhoon. Image courtesy MTN DEW /

Mountain Dew, aka MTN DEW is on a roll! Just two weeks ago they added new Purple Thunder to their lineup, in a collaboration with Circle K stores. Prior to that release, they partnered with Buffalo Wild Wings to bring fans Mountain Dew Legend. Well, DEW fans, we have got news for you. Mountain Dew is bringing back one of the OG fan favorites, MTN DEW Typhoon.

Sadly, this tropical punch flavor has been out of production since 2011. It was originally part of the 2010 “Dew-mocracy II” lineup along with Mountain Dew White Out and Mountain Dew Distortion.  While Distortion also didn’t have staying power, White Out has been available since 2010.

In the summer of 2011, MTN DEW Typhoon made a brief reappearance along with Mountain Dew Pitch Black and Mountain Dew Supernova, when the three flavors were brought back as a “Back by Popular DEWmand” promotion.

MTN DEW Typhoon is making a limited-time return! 

Now, eleven years later, the soda will be available for purchase again…however, you must be a DEW HQ member. Yes, only registered DEW fans are able to purchase this fan favorite from the online DEW store. It’s free, quick, and easy to sign up, so what are you waiting for? Become a DEW HQ member now, so that you can get yourself some MTN DEW Typhoon when it drops on June 1 at 12 PM ET.

MTN DEW Typhoon is only sold in 16 oz. cans and is once again a limited-time flavor. This means it’s only available while supplies last. So hurry up and get your Typhoon before it is gone!

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Guilty Eaters, did you try MTN Dew Typhoon back in the day?  Who else is becoming a DEW HQ member to try to get their hands on a can of this soda?!