Serendipity Brands ice cream is perfect for Memorial Day, graduations, and beyond

Unicorn Bliss Sundae stack. Image courtesy of Serendipity Brands
Unicorn Bliss Sundae stack. Image courtesy of Serendipity Brands /

Whether you are looking for a sweet treat to enjoy after a Memorial Day barbecue or even after enjoying graduation celebrations, Serendipity has us covered. After all, you can never go wrong with the sweet treat that is ice cream.

And with Serendipity Brands, we aren’t just getting ice cream – we are also getting an entire experience on a spoon. With nine flavors currently available in their online store, you can have some fun with ice cream and spoil anyone in your life.

For us, it is all about the unique combinations of flavors and the fact that they keep things fun with their limited edition flavors too. But which flavors are we loving this summer? And what are we bringing to our Memorial Day gatherings?

Serendipity Brands ice cream give us the perfect pints to satisfy our sweet tooth

  • Unicorn Bliss Sundae: You can never go wrong with a little unicorn fun. And since the description of this flavor reads as follows, “Vanilla Flavored Ice Cream With Pink and Blue Cookie Dough Pieces and a Glittery Swirl,” can you blame us for needing this one in our lives whenever we can get our hands on it?
  • Humble Pie: Here is another winner based on the description alone (we admit that we have yet to be able to get our hands on a pint of this magic). With a description like this, “Peanut Butter Ice Cream with Peanut Butter Swirls, Chocolate Chunks & Graham Pieces,” you already know it is going to be magic on a spoon.
  • Cookies & Cream Remix: Cookies and Cream can be a winner no matter what brand it is. But with Serendipity Brands, they don’t just thrown cookies and cream in a pint and call it a day. No, they take it to a whole new level. It’s a winner for us!
  • Friends Central Perk Coffee Almond Fudge: If you love Friends, then this one is a must. Whether you are snagging a pint for the nostalgia factor or because you love coffee ice cream with swirls of fudge and crunchy almonds covered in chocolate, this is a pint of ice cream that won’t disappoint this Memorial Day, Father’s Day, or any other occasion where a sweet treat ends the day.

But what do you think of Serendipity Brands ice cream? Are you a fan? Which flavor is your go-to when it comes to a pint of this sweet treat?

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