Is Dunkin’ open on Memorial Day 2022? (May 30)

Limited-edition Dunkin’ x e.l.f makeup collection. Image courtesy Dunkin'
Limited-edition Dunkin’ x e.l.f makeup collection. Image courtesy Dunkin' /

Our tastebuds crave Dunkin’ every single day. There’s never a wrong time to stop by the donut shop for a donut (or bag of donut holes) and favorite coffee. Even their breakfast options are delicious! But this coming Monday, May 30, is Memorial Day. Does this mean Dunkin’ is closed for business on the first day of the week? The day we need it most? Here’s what we know about Dunkin’s holiday hours of operation.

Memorial Day is a day in which Americans observe and honor those who have died serving the military. We all stop to remember the bold and brave who selflessly protected and served their country. This means that many employees don’t work, does that include those at Dunkin’?

Some businesses that are definitely closed on this day, include schools and public libraries. There are also no mail deliveries on Memorial Day, so if you didn’t get that package you were waiting for on Sunday, you’ll have to wait until Tuesday! But what about Dunkin’? Don’t worry, you can count on your serving of Dunkin’ each and every Memorial Day to come.

Dunkin’ is open on Memorial Day 2022? (May 30)

On Memorial Day, most fast food places are open and following regular business hours. Privately owned and independent businesses may work out their schedule differently. However, for the most part, all major fast food chains and restaurants are open.

Will the hours on this day be any different? Not at all! The donut shop does make hour adjustments when there is a major holiday, such as Thanksgiving, but the only day the close is Christmas Day. Keep this in mind for whenever the next holiday rolls around.

Since Dunkin’ is open, what will you be getting this Memorial Day? What is your go-to treat from here? Other places that are also open, include Starbucks, Burger King, Jack in the Box, and more.

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