You’ll want to try these 3 tasty Summer treats

Nib Mor snack assortment. Image courtesy Nib Mor
Nib Mor snack assortment. Image courtesy Nib Mor /

Summer is the season for pool parties, picnics, beach days and BBQs. All of these occasions require a good supply of tasty snacks!

We’re featuring three summer treats for you to put on your radar. (And that we think you may enjoy heading into the warmer months of the year.)

Summer treats that are healthy and delicious

nib mor
If you are a chocolate lover, you’ll want to try nib mor. This company makes plant-based vegan chocolate products. While they make snack size bars and hot cocoa, the stock-up treat you will want for summer is their snacking chocolate.

These snack size squares of chocolate come in a shareable bag. The are made with 72%-80% dark chocolate and are 100% plant-based. They come in a variety of flavors including: original, extra dark, tart cherry, mint, blueberry and sea salt. Many of the varieties come topped with cacao nibs. At only 42 calories and less than 3 grams of sugar per square you can snack on these all summer long and not feel guilty.

nib mor kindly sent us some snacking chocolate to try out.  They taste indulgent and you’d be hard-pressed to conclude they are dairy-free! Our favorite flavors were the blueberry and tart cherry as we felt they were the most unique and full of flavor. If you need some inspiration for other uses for this chocolate, check their website for recipes. However, we enjoyed eating all of our chocolate and it didn’t last long enough to bake with! If traveling, be sure to stick them in a cooler so they don’t melt! Don’t ask me how I know.

You can purchase nib mor on Amazon or on the nib mor website.

N!CK’s Swedish-style Light Ice cream
N!CK’s Swedish-style Light ice cream was founded in Sweden in 2016 by Nick Luthman and Carl Backlund. However, the company didn’t make its US debut until late 2019. The company creates keto-friendly light ice cream that has no added sugar and up to 15 grams of protein per pint. There are over 20 different light ice cream flavors.

In a recent press email, the company shared some of their perfect for summer flavors:

"Swedish Munchies: Giant chunks of cookie dough and huge hunks of brownie swirled into rich vanilla and chocolate ice creams! Packed with nuggets of chewiness, it’s creamy and choklady but still so så light.Campfire S’mörgs: Creamy marshmallow ice cream with choklad and graham cracker chunks. Keto friendly and just 310 calories per pint!Rocky Fjord: this new flavor brings you mountains of creamy choklad ice cream, huge chunks of nuts, and rivers of marshmallows at just 370 calories per pint."

N!CK’s even partnered with Perfect Day to offer a line of vegan ice cream flavors. In addition to pints of ice cream, the company also sells ice cream sandwiches and snack bars.

They sent us some samples to try out and we were impressed by these flavors! The ice cream is creamy, tasty and satisfying. Don’t worry that it’s labelled as ‘light”.  We tried six different flavors and our favorites were Rocky Fjord, Raspbär Swirl and the Strawbär Cheesecake.  For those on keto or low-carb diets, this ice cream is a perfect summer treat. Because is it really summer without ice cream?!

N!CK’s Swedish-style Light Ice cream can be purchased at select grocery stores throughout the country, on their website, and on Amazon.

SkinnyDipped Almonds
SkinnyDipped is a women-founded company, started by a mother, Val Griffith, her daughter, Breezy Griffith and their two friends Lizzie Resta and Chrissy Haller. After the death of a close friend, the women realized that they wanted to spend more time together. The group spent years perfecting their first product, SkinnyDipped Almonds.

The company that started with almonds has now expanded to peanut butter cups, chocolate bars, cashews and peanuts. We were able to sample SkinnyDipped almonds and are super impressed. Their Lemon Bliss almonds are the perfect summer treat. They have a light yogurt coating and have the perfect mix of sweet and tang. They have no artificial ingredients and are a great protein-filled snack.

Just in time for summer, SkinnyDipped has launched a new limited-edition flavor: Strawberry Lemonade! This flavor debuted last week and is only available until August. They are mellower and less tangy than the Lemon Bliss almonds. SkinnyDipped also has a fun “Beach Don’t Kill My Vibe” bundle. It includes a cute tote bag, stickers and both the Lemon Bliss and the new Strawberry Lemonade almonds and can be purchased on the company website.

SkinnyDipped Almonds can be purchased in select stores throughout the country, on the company website and on Amazon and Thrive Market.

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So Guilty Eaters, which of these summer treats will you be trying?  Have you had any of these snacks?