Netflix drops full length Iron Chef trailer teasing our journey to an Iron Legend

Iron Chef. Mark Dacascos in episode 101 of Iron Chef. Cr. Adam Rose/Netflix © 2022
Iron Chef. Mark Dacascos in episode 101 of Iron Chef. Cr. Adam Rose/Netflix © 2022 /

Our next adventure in Kitchen Stadium is almost upon us and thanks to Netflix, we have a full length trailer for Iron Chef: Quest for an Iron Legend.

For anyone who remembers the classic episodes of Iron Chef from Japan, you remember the thrill of battle and what it was like to watch these chefs (many you may have never heard of before, but who were clearly the best of the best in their genre of cooking) go head-to-head to prove their kitchen dominance. And when the U.S. got its own Kitchen Stadium, we once again got a chance to see some legends in the kitchen proving why they were Iron Chefs.

Over the years, there have been plenty of Iron Chef episodes, shows, and even a spin off or two. And now, we have a new look at a new Kitchen Stadium.

Iron Chef trailer gives us our first real look at the Quest for an Iron Legend

The Chairman (of the U.S.) is back, as is Alton Brown. And we know have a battle to be an Iron Legend on our hands.

With the full length trailer that Netflix dropped on June 1, we get to see exactly what we can expect from this new take on the classic cooking competition. This is what legends are made of.

Not only do we have new Iron Chefs coming our way, but the judging table(s) is proof that even the judging panel will be filled with legends. In fact, perhaps the greatest surprise of them all was the fact that we can expect to see one of the ultimate Iron Chefs coming back to judge (at least once). That’s right Iron Chef Masaharu Morimoto will be a judge in this quest for an Iron Legend.

There will be fire. There will be secret ingredients. And there will be plenty of amazing meals that will leave the judges wishing for more.

Check out the trailer for Iron Chef: Quest for a Legend here:

We want to know what you think. What do you think of this trailer from Netflix? Are you excited for a new journey in Kitchen Stadium? Will you be watching on June 15?

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