Which brand makes the best Sugar Wafers?

Sugar Wafers. Image by Kimberley Spinney
Sugar Wafers. Image by Kimberley Spinney /

There are so many cookies and treats on the market, that sometimes you just want to enjoy a classic sweet treat. And for us that means breaking out the Sugar Wafers.

Not only are Sugar Wafers a nostalgic treat, they also have a long history. While a classic wafer is often described as being a crisp, “sweet, very thin, flat, light and dry cookie.” But to make the Sugar Wafers we are talking about, they add layers of cream between those wafers!

Perhaps the most famous Sugar Wafers are those that were made by Keebler (it seems that these are actually hard to find in stores). But they are certainly not the only brand on the market making these delicious, sweet treats. And that is where start comparing brands and figuring out exactly which brand has our heart when it comes to these wafer and cream cookies.

Sugar Wafers are the perfect treat to satisfy our sweet tooth and our nostalgia

Among the brands that are currently making the Sugar Wafers we know and love we have Voortman, Keebler, Ruger, Biscos, Stop & Shop, and Publix (to name a few).

Over the last two years, we have been hunting down the different brands of Sugar Wafers for the ultimate taste test. And after two years (or 730 days) of snacking, we have narrowed down the Sugar Wafer brands to determine our favorites. (And we have learned a valuable lesson about flavors too.)

Not only have we figured out that Vanilla is at the top of our must have list over Chocolate (even we are shocked by this one) or Strawberry. We also know that while Voortman’s and a few other brands offer some unique flavors like Key Lime Wafers or Orange Creme Wafers, it is definitely the classic three flavors that are the best of the best (especially when feeling nostalgic).

But what about which brand or brands reign supreme when it comes to actual flavor? Well that was a shock for us!

It turns out that the best of the best for us was none other than the Stop & Shop brand of Sugar Wafers (so yes, a store brand reigns supreme here). Their Vanilla flavored Sugar Wafers can not be beat for quality, consistency, and overall flavor. They are absolutely perfect every time and they always taste fresh.

And if you happen to be a fan of Strawberry Sugar Wafers, have no fear because the Stop & Shop brand delivers with these as well. While the strawberry wasn’t our first choice off the bat, it was definitely a delicious option when we hit the store only to find that the vanilla was out of stock!

The next best brand is Voortman. They offer a wide variety of flavors to choose from and they also offer both regular wafers and sugar-free wafers. While their vanilla is definitely at the top of the list for the brand (for us), their special flavors are also quite tasty. In fact, the Key Lime flavor is a winner when it comes to the more unique flavors in their lineup.

In third place for our mini round up, you can never go wrong with Keebler! If you can get your hands on a pack of these (they are only available in individual packs at select stores and online), you may just feel like a kid again. And when it comes to these, the chocolate is the clear winner for flavor!

With the good, we also have the bad and I have to admit to being really disappointed in the Publix brand of Sugar Wafers. I picked up multiple packs of these wafers hoping they would get better (the first time they tasted stale, the second time they were not crisp and had the mouth feel of being stale, and it never got better), but sadly it was not meant to be. Unlike the Stop & Shop brand of Sugar Wafers, Publix could never deliver on consistency.

And as an honorable mention that we cannot forget, we have to point out the magic of Keebler Fudge Sticks (Original). These are always a winner if you are looking for a chocolate enrobed sugar wafer. But of course, these are simply not the classic cookie, which makes them less of a nostalgic sweet treat and more of a fun guilty eat.

Are you a fan of Sugar Wafers? What is your favorite flavor? And which brand is your favorite?

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