5 Summer sips to pick up on your next trip to ALDI

ALDI Virtual Fruitful Summer Alcohol. Image courtesy of ALDI
ALDI Virtual Fruitful Summer Alcohol. Image courtesy of ALDI /

When it comes to getting our shopping done, there is one store that is at the top of our list. And of course, that store is ALDI. It has long been the place we go for quality meats, cheeses, and fish, while also being a great stop for trying new things and exploring unique brands. As we head into summer, saving money and stocking up on all the treats is the name of the game.

If you are heading to ALDI to get some shopping done, whether for a barbecue, a trip to the beach, or just your weekly shopping, you may be on the hunt for new things to sip on this summer. And with everything from classic sodas and teas to alcohol and wine, there is definitely something for everyone.

But if you need some inspiration check out these summer sips. We have tried these ourselves and we are definitely a big fan of every single one of these offerings.

5 beverages to snag on your next ALDI trip

  • Orange Mimosa – It is literally a Mimosa in a bottle and it is amazing. This is perfect for brunch at home, hitting the beach, or even a poolside siesta. Think of this as the ultimate drink of summer and snag a bottle as soon as you see it.
  • Zarita Ready-to-Drink Strawberry Margarita – If you love strawberry margaritas, then you will love this. This is a wine cocktail drink that sets you up perfectly to make easy margaritas at home. Just add ice and you are ready to get your sip on. (Of course, if you like it frozen, throw it in the blender with the ice for a perfect icy treat.) And if you don’t love strawberry, have no fear, there is an original flavor as well.
  • Pacific Fruit Vineyards Sweet Blueberry Wine – There is something to be said for fruity wines in summer. And with the help of Pacific Fruit Vineyards, we can enjoy a few different fruit forward wines. Of course, we are definitely all about their Sweet Blueberry, but there are definitely other options if blueberry isn’t really your thing.
  • Winking Owl White Blend – When it comes to tasty and affordable wines, ALDI has us covered. And their box of Winking Owl White Blend gets all the parties started. Of course, you can always snag one of the brands other wines in a bottle, but if you have a lot of friends coming over, why not snag a box of this White Blend which is perfect for sipping or adding to those Sangrias.
  • PurAqua Belle Vie Sparkling Flavored Water – If you are looking for something tasty and non-alcoholic this summer, check out their PurAqua Belle Vie Sparkling Waters. Available in a variety of flavors, these sparkling waters are perfect for keeping cool and hydrated all summer long without sacrificing flavor.

What are you sipping on this summer? Will you be heading to ALDI to try any of these summer sips?

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