The Great American Recipe gave us the cooks’ favorite dishes in “The Daily Dish”

The Great American Recipe. Credit: Courtesy of PBS/VPM
The Great American Recipe. Credit: Courtesy of PBS/VPM /

The Great American Recipe took on the idea of “The Daily Dish” in their second episode, and it was all about those crowd pleasers. With nine home cooks still in the competition, the judges wanted our competitors to start the day with a recipe that is a favorite go-to in their homes. Then for the final cook (and the one that sends people home), the cooks had to make a dish that they know will win over a crowd.

And whether we are looking to that first round of cooking or the second, there was definitely a bit of overlap in the kitchen on this episode of The Great American Recipe. Not only were there multiple taco dishes made, but we also had a battle between fried rice dishes too. (Seriously, Foo and Tony going head-to-head with those fried rice dishes was perfection. And we love that it was the hot dog octopus creature that pushed the winning fried rice over the edge.)

Basically, these are the dishes we expect to see being made in the average person’s home, but taken to the next level (of course). And that is exactly what these cooks delivered.

However, I don’t even care about what went down in the kitchen, because it was all about the stories behind these dishes. (We do let you know who went home towards the end of this piece though.) For so many of these cooks, these dishes mean family and feeding loved ones, especially children. These dishes were an expression of who these cooks are and it was beautiful.

The Great American Recipe takes on the challenge of “The Daily Dish”

At this point, I am tuning in for the comfort that this show is providing. I’ve seen a few negative reviews of the show and all I can say is why. Like, do we only like a comforting cooking (or baking) show when the chefs and judges have an accent?

The Great American Recipe is giving us cooks who aren’t out to get each other, but are rather cooking together, even if this is a competition. They are getting each other’s opinions and they are tasting each other’s dishes even as they are all in that kitchen cooking to stick around until the end.

Some of the best moments are the ones where the cooks are chatting with each other and having a bit of fun in the kitchen. (It doesn’t have to be cut throat to be entertaining.) And while we were definitely sad to see Irma go home in the second episode, we loved getting to know her and seeing the magic she was able to make happen in the kitchen.

Will we be tuning in for episode three of The Great American Recipe? Absolutely.

There is something to be said for ending the week with a show that is less about the competitive edge and more about bringing the magic of family and comfort to the kitchen.

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All of this being said, we want to know what you think. Two episodes into The Great American Recipe and we want to know if you are enjoying the cozy comfort of the show or if you think something is missing?