The Great American Recipe takes on the idea of “Moveable Feasts” in episode 4

The Great American Recipe. Credit: Courtesy of PBS/VPM
The Great American Recipe. Credit: Courtesy of PBS/VPM /

For episode 4 of The Great American Recipe, it was all about creating “Moveable Feasts.” From a handheld dish to picnic and tailgating dishes, our cooks had to get creative with dishes that can go on the run with them.

And right away, the dishes that these cooks were discussing (and cooking) were enough to have us ready for a gathering of friends for a foodie party. So what were some of the more interesting dishes in the handheld round (in our eyes of course) of The Great American Recipe Episode 4?

Up first, we have Brian making Mustard Maple Chicken Wings, which sounded like a party on a plate! Then we have Robin, who was all about giving us her culture in a bite, which meant creating Lamb & Barley Dolmas. Finally, the other handheld treat we absolutely wanted to try through the screen was Tony’s Korean Beef Quesadillas! (Seriously can you ever go wrong with chicken wings and quesadillas?!)

But just because those were the dishes that caught our eye, that doesn’t mean those were the ones that the judges took a shine to. So which two cooks dished up the best handheld treats according to the judges? That would be Robin and Foo (who made Vietnamese Spring Rolls).

The Great American Recipe takes on the idea of “Moveable Feasts”

Now that handheld treats are out of the way, the second round of the episode was all about outdoor dining. That means whether you are talking about tailgating, hitting the pool, or having a picnic, these are the dishes our Great American Recipe cooks would have on hand to feed friends and family.

So which dishes caught our eye in this round?

Brian’s Six Cheese Mac & Cheese! We love Mac & Cheese, so this one had to be at the top of our list of what we wanted to try. Then there was Nikki who was making Roasted Chicken Legs with different sauces and dips to add different layers of flavors depending on what your taste buds might be interested in. And finally, Foo’s Vietnamese Beef Noodle Pho had our heart since we love Pho of all kinds. (Tony’s Cannoli dip with homemade pastry chips was definitely an honorable mention. We love Cannolis so this had to get a mention.)

This time around, which dishes caught the eyes of the judges? And who created the dish of the day? For the dishes that stood out we had Tony and Silvia. But the top dish went to Tony with his Cannoli Dip! (Good thing we honorable mentioned his dish.)

Sadly, not everyone was able to come through with the perfect outdoor dining dishes. And while all the dishes got relatively good reviews, it was Brian and Nikki who had the least successful dishes. (Sad face at two of our dish picks being in the bottom this round.)

But ultimately, the cook who went home this time was Brian.

What did you think of this episode of The Great American Recipe? What were your thoughts on these “Moveable Feasts?”

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