Take a culinary journey with The Witcher Cookbook

The Witcher - Credit: Katalin Vermes
The Witcher - Credit: Katalin Vermes /

When you think of The Witcher what comes to mind? Is it food and drinks? Probably not. But this cookbook wants to change all of that.

In October of 2022, it will be time to take your very own culinary journey in the world of The Witcher. And that means enjoying “provisions, fare, and culinary tales from travels across the continent.”

According to the product page on Amazon for this cookbook, all of the recipes are inspired by the video game series. And that means we are getting recipes that range from those that one might find in your roadside taverns all the way up to those fancy banquet halls.

There are more than 80 recipes in this cookbook, with each recipe shining a light on a wide range of things, places, and people that one might come across in the world of The Witcher video game.

The Witcher Cookbook is coming in October 2022

Set to release on October 25, 2022, this cookbook drops just in time for both Halloween and the holiday season. So if someone in your life loves all things The Witcher, then this is the book for them. Not only do they get to create fascinating dishes in their kitchen at home, but it may just give you further insight into the immense world and continent that The Witcher travels throughout the video game.

And if you were first introduced to the character via Henry Cavill’s portrayal in the Netflix series, have no fear because this is still a gem for you too. In fact, we think it just adds to the over all experience.

Plus, we think having this cookbook on hand when the next season of the Netflix series drops or even when the spin-off arrives means that we can cook up a feast worthy of a Witcher and a Bard as they travel the lands slaying monsters and saving people. Honestly, we already know that we need this cookbook in our lives and our collection, but what about you. Is this a must have for you too?

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What do you think fellow Guilty Eaters? Are we excited for a cookbook based on The Witcher? Will you be snagging a copy when this drops? We want to know.