Chobani brings the flavor with limited edition Oat Horchata

When it comes to incorporating delicious flavors into the world of oat milk, Chobani knows what they are doing. And their latest limited edition flavor is no different.

If you are a fan of oat milk, then you already know that Chobani brings the flavor every time. And that’s why we are excited to talk about their latest Limited edition offering, their Chobani Oat Oat Horchata. This is a take on a classic beverage that brings the flavor of cinnamon to the forefront.

According to the product page for the Oat Horchata, this nondairy oat milk offering gives us the taste of cinnamon and sweetness in every sip. This is a plant-based, nut free, gluten free, and lactose free drink that you can enjoy over ice or even added to one of your favorite drinks.

If you love the flavor of cinnamon coffee, why not add this instead of a regular creamer. And of course, you can always pour this over ice, top it with some fresh grated cinnamon and serve with a garnish of a cinnamon stick for a truly over-the-top experience.

Chobani brings a classic flavor to their summer lineup thanks to the new Oat Horchata

This limited edition flavor will be available in 32 ounce cartons and will cost just $4.99. You will be able to find these wherever you currently pick up your Chobani oat milk. From the regular grocery store to Walmart and Target, you can enjoy the flavors of Horchata all summer long. Of course, this is only available for a limited time during the summer season, so if you want to try it now is the time.

As fans of classic Horchata, we were very excited to give this one a try. And after getting a chance to try this early, we have to admit that as long as you add a little extra cinnamon and pour it over lots of, ice you definitely get that classic flavor of cinnamon-y milk that a regular Horchata delivers. This was definitely a win for us.

But we want to know what you think. Are you excited to give this particular flavor of oat milk a try? Will you be snagging a carton for yourself this summer? Let us know in the comments.