Heinz is bringing all the flavor with their new collection of condiments

HEINZ Launching New Chef-Inspired Collection. Image courtesy of Heinz
HEINZ Launching New Chef-Inspired Collection. Image courtesy of Heinz /

When it comes to condiments, there are plenty of brands on the market, but none are quite as delicious as Heinz and their classics (looking at you ketchup and 57 sauce). And now, they are taking their brand to the next level of flavor sensations with a whole new collection of condiments.

So what are these new condiments? Well there are two infused honeys and three crunch sauces. And they are part of what they are calling the Heinz 57 Collection.

But what are these infused honeys and crunch sauces? They are flavor pops for your next meal!

Heinz launches new condiments collection featuring Crunch Sauces and Infused Honeys

For the two infused honey flavors we have the Hot Chili Honey and the Black Truffle honey. If you love adding honey to your fried chicken, these are for you. But of course, there are so many other ways to enjoy these honeys, including on pizza, with bacon, and even on pork.

Then we have the three crunch sauces. For those, the flavors are “Chili Pepper Crunch, Roasted Garlic Crunch and Mandarin Orange Miso Crunch.”

The Chili Pepper Crunch brings the heat! And it is a great addition to just about any meal or dish. This is great for a Wok dish or stir fry.

The Roasted Garlic Crunch was absolutely our favorite of all the crunch sauces. This was great on chicken, on burgers, on steak, and even on zucchini slices fried up in an air fryer. Basically, this one is a must for any kitchen.

Finally, the third crunch sauce is the Mandarin Orange Miso Crunch. And this was another one that was great for things like fried rice, stir fry, and just straight up mixing up with your veggies.

After trying all three crunches and the two infused honey flavors, these are a great addition to any meal. And honestly, they were great both for marinating meats and adding an extra splash of flavor either during the cooking process or even at the end as you get ready to chow down.

According to the foodies over at Chew Boom, these are available on Amazon right now, as well as some other retailers nationwide, including Target, Walmart, Publix, Stop & Shop, and more. And at $6.75 per honey or sauce, these are definitely something you may want to add to your condiment rotation.

But we want to know what you think. Are you a fan of flavorful condiments like this? Will you be picking up any of these condiments from Heinz?

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