The Great American Recipe: Preview of episode 6 “Mix It Up”

The Great American Recipe. Credit: Courtesy of PBS/VPM
The Great American Recipe. Credit: Courtesy of PBS/VPM /

For the sixth episode of The Great American Recipe, our remaining five cooks are going to have to “Mix It Up” in the kitchen. But ahead of the new episode, we got a chance to check out an exclusive clip featuring both Nikki and Robin.

While we start off by watching Nikki talking about her dish and even trying Foo’s (which is apparently all about bringing the heat), we also get a chance to see Robin’s dish coming together and her chat with the judges.

The Great American Recipe is getting down to the final recipes of the season and that means things are getting even hotter in the kitchen. And this also means that our cooks are doing everything they can to make foodie magic happen.

The Great American Recipe is ready to “Mix It Up” in episode 6

For Nikki’s dish, we don’t really get to know what she is making in this clip, but we do know that there are vegetables and a sauce made with coconut milk and ginger, as well as citrus. And that certainly has us leaning towards a curry dish.

Then we turn our attention to Robin. And for her dish, we get a bit more information.

With Robin’s dish, our judges are going on a culinary journey to Brazil. In fact, our cook is making a Brazilian Fish Chowder (moqueca) and a Brazilian Cheese Bread (pão de queijo). And while speaking to the judges, we get to learn a little more about Robin and of course, the dish itself.

It is a chance to learn something new in terms of world cuisines, while also getting more insight into who Robin is as well.

Certainly both dishes look amazing and even sound amazing based on what this preview shows us. And honestly, it has us eager for the “Mix It Up” episode so that we can truly see how these dishes come together.

Check out this clip from The Great American Recipe episode 6 here:

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What do you think Guilty Eaters? Are we excited for this episode? What do you think of what our cooks are creating in this clip?