Top 30 flavors of Oreos ranked from worst to best

OREO Teams Up with Pokémon to Launch their Most Unique Collaboration Yet. Image courtesy OREO
OREO Teams Up with Pokémon to Launch their Most Unique Collaboration Yet. Image courtesy OREO /
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It’s no secret that an Oreo cookie is one of America’s favorite sweet treats to snack on…like ever. Over the years, since first coming around back in 1912 (yes, you read that correctly), Oreos have had so many different flavors come out, some good and some bad.

There have been many different foodie venues that have ranked different flavors of Oreos, some crazy and some classic. Well lucky for you, this list has just a little bit of both.

Whether we have a dipped Oreo, a classic Oreo, or even one that has a ton more stuffing in it, we’ve definitely got you covered on this list over here!

Sit back, relax, and enjoy our ranking of the top 30 Oreos! Which ones are your personal favorites?

30. Spring

This cookie to me is just super boring. It’s a yellow-dyed classic cream filled Oreo. Yeah sure, there are some Spring-themed shapes on each half of the cookie sandwich; however, I’d rather see spooky shapes from the Halloween Oreos if I could only choose one.

29. Chromatica “Lady Gaga”

The only, and I mean it, reason why this cookie isn’t last is because the cookie itself is pink. The green filling on the inside is super bright which is also a plus for me, so I guess this particular specialty Oreo has got two good things going for it. It also has a super weird and gross flavor to the cookie. Not sure if it’s supposed to be flavored other than Original or Golden, but it wasn’t super interesting or even super good for that matter either.

28. Original Thins

Don’t get me wrong: these aren’t bad. But they’re also one of the last on my list because if I’m going for an original-flavored Oreo with nothing seasonal or specially flavored within it, I’d rather go for something with a thicker cookie and of course, most importantly, more Oreo cream!

27. Original Thins Bites

This particular Oreo cookie is only somewhat so low on this list because of the flavor right up above it. They’re basically smaller versions of the regular classic thins; however, upon looking at the packaging, given that I’ve never personally tried them before, the cookies seem to be too much and too thick for only a tad little bit of cream in the middle…so disappointing!

26. Most Stuf

To me, sure like everyone else, I was excited to try this; however, it’s just too much (in a completely unnecessary way). I’d rather just have naked Oreo cookies with a bowl of all of the scraped out cream in it to dip it in. Just a thought, Oreo and Nabisco, just a thought…