IHOP honors the late Choco Taco with a one-day only Choco-Pancake offer

IHOP(R) Creates Choco-Pancake Available at One Location For One Day Only
IHOP(R) Creates Choco-Pancake Available at One Location For One Day Only /

It was the news that broke the internet when Klondike announced that they were retiring the Choco Taco after 39 years. But IHOP wants to help heal our pain and give us a tasty alternative to the beloved ice cream treat.

That’s right – even IHOP understands that our foodie hearts are a little broken after learning the Choco Taco news. Of course, we know that there are alternatives out there to this beloved Klondike treat, but somehow they just hit differently. But still, we are here about what IHOP is doing to mend our hearts (even just a little).

And what better way to do that than by offering their own take on a “taco?” Seriously, we love this idea so much! But what exactly is their take on a Choco Taco and where can we get one?

IHOP is giving us their own take on a Choco Taco for one day only

Well according to the press email we received on behalf of IHOP, their creation is the Choco-Pancake! And it will only be available on Monday, August 1. But that’s not the only catch.

It turns out that not only is this a one-day only offering, but it is also a one-place only experience. That is because the Choco-Pancake is only being made available in Houston, Texas.

However, while this may be a one-day only, one-place only creation, it does sound like there is potential for this Choco-Pancake to pop up in other restaurants around the country. There are no guarantees, but we can absolutely hope to see this sweet creation showing up in locations around the country (Massachusetts would like to see this on the menu too).

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But we want to know what you think fellow guilty eaters. Are you saddened by the news of the Choco Taco’s retirement? What do you think of this Choco-Pancake news? Do you want to see it hit a restaurant near you?