How is Smashburger celebrating s’mores for National S’mores Day?

The limited edition S'mores shake. Image courtesy of Smashburger
The limited edition S'mores shake. Image courtesy of Smashburger /

Did you know that August 10 is National S’mores Day? As fans of s’mores or even just the flavors of these classic summer staples, we definitely did. And of course, we were surprised to see places like Smashburger celebrating this mighty foodie holiday.

But of course, that leaves us with a big question… How are you celebrating National S’mores Day? For us, we are thinking about a trip to Smashburger for a handspun s’mores milkshake.

That’s right! Just in time for National S’mores Day, we can get our sip on with the perfect sweet treat courtesy of Smashburger.

Celebrate National S’mores Day with Smashburger and their limited edition s’mores milkshake

According to the press email we received on behalf of Smashburger, this new shake is truly a limited edition offering and it is one that was recently unveiled too. So what is the s’mores milkshake and how long can we enjoy it?

"This sweet treat is a hand-spun S’mores milkshake, made with authentic Häagen Dazs® ice cream and mixed with high-quality Ghirardelli® chocolate, bringing guests a tasty frozen treat that brings all the flavors of a campfire (with a cool twist)! The S’mores made with Ghirardelli® milkshake is now available at participating locations only through August 30th."

Sounds amazing right? I know we are already in love with this shake, especially with the Ghirardelli chocolate that was used to create this icy cold, sweet treat. And honestly, we can’t wait to get our hands on one of these hand-spun milkshakes (there are two other must-try flavors on the summer menu too – Tangerine Dream and Reese’s Pieces Cookie Dough.)

Honestly, I want to try all three flavors and if that means heading to the closest Smashburger on National S’mores Day to make that happen, then that sounds delicious to us.

But what do you think guilty eaters? Are you excited for the s’mores milkshake? Will you be snagging one for yourself on National S’mores Day? We want to know.

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