Jeni’s brings back their iconic Wedding Cake ice cream

Jeni's Ice Cream releases a new Wedding Cake flavor. Image courtesy of Jeni's Ice Cream
Jeni's Ice Cream releases a new Wedding Cake flavor. Image courtesy of Jeni's Ice Cream /

Is there anything better than a slice of wedding cake? How about getting to enjoy it in the form of ice cream? Thanks to Jeni’s we can.

It’s an iconic flavor that has already proven to be a crowd pleaser and it is back for us to enjoy all over again. For those who haven’t tried it yet or even those who have forgotten the magic of this flavor, the Wedding Cake ice cream from Jeni’s brings us the flavors of “Vanilla cake with lemon, blackberries, and buttercream icing.”

It really is like getting that perfect slice of cake at a wedding, right down to the buttercream itself. Specifically, the ice cream base is a buttercream flavor (yum), while there are pieces of delicious cake layered throughout. Then there are the two different flavors of “sauce” that they swirled through the buttercream ice cream – one is blackberry jam, while the other is a lemon curd.

Jeni’s ice cream gives us their Wedding Cake flavor once again

We got the opportunity to try this returning flavor for ourselves and it is everything we could have hoped for in a pint of ice cream and so much more. Not only does it deliver the perfect bit of sweet and tart, but there is something about the little bits of cake that add another layer of texture and deliciousness to every bite.

While some might think this would be too sweet to enjoy beyond a spoonful or two, the reality is that the lemon curd really does help to cut some of that sweetness. And while we couldn’t eat the entire pint in a single sitting (which is not actually a bad thing), it was definitely a pleasure to enjoy this icy cold, sweet treat from Jeni’s.

But what do you say Guilty Eaters? Are you excited for the Wedding Cake flavor of ice cream to return? Will you be snagging a pint of two while it is in stores?

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