Return of the MTN DEW VOO-DEW Mystery Flavor

MTN DEW + Spirit Halloween Drop First-Ever Costume Collab, Plus New Mystery Flavor. Image courtesy of MTN DEW
MTN DEW + Spirit Halloween Drop First-Ever Costume Collab, Plus New Mystery Flavor. Image courtesy of MTN DEW /

MTN DEW fans will be excited to hear that the company has continued its Halloween tradition with the return of another MTN DEW VOO-DEW mystery flavor, just in time for the spooky season. Last year’s VOO-DEW mystery flavor had fans guessing it was everything from Sour Patch Kids candy and blue raspberry lemonade to cotton candy. The Mystery flavor was finally revealed to be fruit candy chews, aka Starburst fruit chews. This season marks the fourth year of the VOO-DEW mystery flavor.

This year’s VOO-DEW mystery flavor comes in both regular and sugar-free versions. It is a whitish/clear color and comes in an orange capped bottle with an image of the Grim Reaper. Online guesses from those who have already tried the new DEW flavor include: grapefruit, Sour Patch Kids, Sweet-Tarts and Nerds.

We got to sample the new VOO-DEW flavor. The soda is tart and sour. I’m definitely getting Sour Patch Kids vibes and can’t wait until October 31st when, as with past VOO-DEW flavors, the mystery flavor is revealed.

Besides the brand new mystery flavor, MTN DEW is also selling a first-ever variety pack of its past  VOO-DEW flavors. They call this collection, “the Ghosts of VOO-DEW Past” and will include cans of the 2019 Candy Corn flavored VOO-Dew, the 2020 Fruit Candy Explosion flavored VOO-DEW and the 2021 Fruit Chew Candy flavored VOO-DEW.  It has not been disclosed yet if this year’s new mystery flavor will be included in the variety pack. Unfortunately, you’ll have to wait patiently since these variety packs will not be released until October.

This Halloween you can try the new MTN DEW VOO-DEW mystery flavor and sample, “the Ghosts of VOO-DEW Past!”

The new MTN DEW VOO-DEW is currently available in select stores nationwide and online. You can use the store locator from the MTN DEW site to help you find a local retailer. Otherwise, a 10 pack of 7.5 ounce mini VOO-DEW cans is available on Amazon for $5.59. Both this year’s VOO-DEW flavor and the variety pack will be available for a limited time only. If you want to try it, get it soon!

Halloween couldn’t be any easier for MTN DEW super fans! The beverage company has paired with Spirit Halloween and created a line of MTN DEW themed costumes. Check out our recent Guilty Eats post for more info!

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Who else will be purchasing a MTN DEW VOO-DEW variety pack? How many of, “the Ghosts of VOO-DEW past” have you tried?