Somebody Feed Phil Season 6 arrives on October 18

SOMEBODY FEED PHIL. Phil Rosenthal in SOMEBODY FEED PHIL. Cr. Courtesy of Netflix © 2022
SOMEBODY FEED PHIL. Phil Rosenthal in SOMEBODY FEED PHIL. Cr. Courtesy of Netflix © 2022 /

Back in the spring, we let Guilty Eats Nation know that Season 5 of Somebody Feed Phil was set to debut on Netflix in May. The popular series sees Phil Rosenthal, the executive produce of hit shows such as Everybody Loves Raymond, travel to different cities around the globe, meeting people and eating lots of new foods.

At the time, we revealed that Season 6 had been filmed back-to-back with Season 5 but that there was no release date at that time for the additional five episodes. All ten episodes had been filmed during a break in the COVID-19 pandemic that had shut down almost every television show in production.

But now it can be revealed that a premiere date for Somebody Feed Phil Season 6 has been announced. Rosenthal broke the news on his Twitter feed.

Will we see a Season 7 of Somebody Feed Phil on Netflix?

The new season sees Rosenthal head to five brand new cities, which include Croatia, Philadelphia, Nashville, Austin and Santiago. All the episodes will be available to stream on Netflix on October 19, the same as previous seasons. A companion cookbook will also be available the same day.

Additionally, there will be a special tribute episode which will be dedicated to Rosenthal’s parents Helen and Max. For those that may not be familiar, at the end of each episode Rosenthal would call his parents to tell them about the city he was in and the foods he had experienced.

Unfortunately Helen Rosenthal passed away in 2019 followed by Max in 2021. They will both be terribly missed by fans of the show as Phil’s interactions with them was a highlight of each episode. A tribute seems like a great way for everyone who loves the series to be able to say goodbye.

So will we get a Season 7? There has been no word yet so I guess we’ll all just have to hope Rosenthal stays hungry and people keep feeding him.

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