Get into the swing of Fall with these seasonal sips from Samuel Adams and Dogfish Head

Fall has arrived (even if Pumpkin Spice season hit in August) and that means seasonal sips abound. And none quite as iconic as those from Samuel Adams and Dogfish Head.

When it comes to seasonal drinks, there is something to be said for classic brands and their take on those seasonal flavor profiles. And thanks to Samuel Adams, we have been lucky enough to enjoy those pumpkin notes in their Jack-O brew.

Of course, just in time for Sweater Weather, Samuel Adams has not only brought back their iconic Jack-O, but they are also giving us the OctoberFest beer as well. And that’s not all, as we can also snag the Sweater Weather pack which features the Jack-O, the OctoberFest, Festbier, and of course the Samuel Adams’ flagship Boston Lager! (We love the packaging as much as the beers themselves because we have a thing for fresh packaging and colors.)

Samuel Adams and Dogfish Head are ready for Fall with their seasonal sips

Of course, Samuel Adams is not the only company who is ready for Fall magic. There is also Dogfish Head which is bringing the seasonal sipping this year with the return of their own fan favorite brew. That’s right Dogfish Head has brought back their Punkin Ale!

And we had the opportunity to sip on all five of these brews as we got ready to head into the Fall. Much like years past, these beers are once again next level delicious and perfect for getting into both the Pumpkin Spice everything season and the Spooky season.

We love how Jack-O (Sam Adams) really does bring those notes of pumpkin and cinnamon to every sip. And when it comes to the Punkin Ale (Dogfish Head), we really do get hints of brown sugar and pumpkin.

So if you are looking for next level Fall sips and you have a thing for seasonal lagers, maybe your next stop has to be wherever they sell Dogfish Head and Samuel Adams.