Jamba and Revive Superfoods will send smoothie kits to your house

A smoothie is like a healthy milkshake but it actually tastes good. Who doesn’t want that? Usually, when you get a healthy version of something, it is not pleasant. But it’s hard to go wrong with a smoothie. And luckily, with the new Jamba and Revive Superfoods collab, making delicious smoothies can be so much easier.

The smoothie kits come in Jamba-inspired flavors, are packed with nutrients, and take minutes (if that) to make. The flavors include Tropical Strawberry Smoothie and Apple Matcha Smoothie.

The strawberry one consists of mango, peach, banana, cherry, strawberry, and vitamin C-rich Acerola (a type of cherry). As a strawberry smoothie expert, I’m all in for this smoothie. It’s so much more interesting than just strawberry and blueberry or strawberry and banana.

The Apple Match Smoothie is made up of apples, bananas, pineapple, broccoli, matcha, and lemon. And don’t be scared of the broccoli! With that much fruit, you’ll barely taste it, but you’ll get the benefits of the vegetable. It’s a win-win.

Jamba and Revive Superfoods collab on new smoothie kits

Jamba Teams Up With Revive Superfoods to Ship Smoothies Kits Directly to Your Door. Image courtesy Jamba

But the only way you can get these two flavors is through the Revive home delivery service. They send the smoothie kits right to your house. You just add any liquid of your choice and then whirr them up in your blender, and enjoy.

To set up your delivery, pick whether you want nine, twelve, or 24 items in your box, choose the smoothies, super meals, soups, and frozen desserts you want, and then place your order. The price per item ranges from $6.99-$8.50 each.

Jamba Teams Up With Revive Superfoods to Ship Smoothies Kits Directly to Your Door. Image courtesy Jamba

Additionally, when you buy the Jamba x Revive Superfoods smoothie kits, you can get 55% off if you use the code “REVIVEXJAMBA” at checkout.

But besides these two new Jamba-inspired smoothies, you can also get a Coffee & Cacao smoothie kit, a Pineapple & Greens kit, or a Raspberry & Mango kit (yum!). There is really a flavor for everyone.

Will you be checking out these two new smoothie kit flavors? What are your favorite things to put in smoothies? Let us know in the comments below!