Great British Baking Show season 13 episode 3: Bread week

The Great British Bake Off - MarkBourdillon/Love Productions
The Great British Bake Off - MarkBourdillon/Love Productions /

The Great British Baking Show was all about bread this week. You could hear Paul Hollywood cackling in the background. But besides being bread week, it was also a weird week because two bakers, Rebs and Abdul, were sick and not participating, So only eight bakers were making bready creations.

The episode started off with the Signature Challenge where the bakers had to make pizzas from scratch. The flavors ranged from Syabira’s Malaysian take on pizza to Sandro’s American BBQ. Everything looked amazing. Paul said some of the crusts were too thick but in my opinion, those are the ones that looked the most delicious.

Next, the Technical challenge! Paul had the bakers making pain aux raisins and while some bakers knew what they were doing, some definitely didn’t. Because the recipe didn’t say how long to prove the dough, many didn’t end up with perfect bakes. Some were not proved enough, some had butter leaking out, and some were just messy. But there was one that was a standout and that was Janusz!

On to the ShowStopper Challenge! In the final round, the bakers were tasked with making Smörgåstårta, a decorative Danish sandwich cake. It’s like a savory sandwich layer cake. The bakers incorporated all kinds of flavors into their bakes including BBQ, chicken souvlaki, and fish and chips. But while some were gorgeous and refined, others were a bit of a mess.

Great British Baking Show was all about bread this week

But who came out on top? It was Janusz!! He is really setting himself up to win this whole show. And who went home? Nobody. Because Rebs and Abdul were out sick, the judges didn’t think it was fair that someone went home. Unfortunately, this means that at some point, the judges will have to send two bakers home in one week. Yikes!

Next week, it looks like it’s Mexican week which means the bakers will have to make authentic Mexican desserts.

What did you think of this week’s episode of the Great British Baking Show? Who is your favorite baker so far? Let us know in the comments below!

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