Reese’s signs NIL deals with 12 College athletes with the last name Reese

Reese's Footballs. Image courtesy Reese's
Reese's Footballs. Image courtesy Reese's /

Reese’s University is back and the Fighting Cuppies are ready for a whole new season of College Football thanks to an exciting NIL deal. What does this mean? Well it means that there are 12 college athletes who are partnering with Reese’s this season to share their love of the iconic peanut butter cups (and their football counterparts).

According to the press email we received, not only are Reese’s Football shaped peanut butter cups back in stores nationwide, but the brand is also partnering with 12 college athletes with the last name Reese to give them tastiest deal in NIL history. “Our Reese-named team players are getting every player and fan’s dream contract, including Reese’s Footballs and cups for the season and drip-worthy gear simply for having the best last name in the game.”

It’s the ultimate deal for fans of Reese’s, especially if you actually have the last name Reese. Why do we say that? Because their deal includes an epic package that will leave them the envy of any teammate.

So what do these Reeses get? And who exactly are the players who have been signed by the Fighting Cuppies team?

12 college athletes with the last name Reese sign epic NIL deals with Reese’s

Let’s start with what our athletes are getting.

"Reese’s Reese Chain: An ambassadors-only gold chain and pendantCustom Game Day Blazer: A custom-tailored blaze orange Team Reese travel blazerCup-links: A pair of custom cufflinks in the legendary cup shapeFootball Locker Fridge: A mini fridge custom-made to fit into a locker to keep Reese’s Footballs at the perfect temperature"

Sounds amazing right? We are here for all of this, but especially the mini fridge that actually fits into a locker! That’s awesome right there.

And don’t worry because each player will get enough peanut butter footballs and cups to get them through the season!

Now who were the players signed by Reese’s to these NIL deals? The 12 players with the last name Reese are:

"Andrew Reese, Defensive Back, Delaware State UniversityBrody Reese, Defensive Lineman, University of TulsaCameron Reese, Defensive End, Troy UniversityCourtney Reese, Running Back, University of Nevada, Las VegasDavid Reese, Linebacker, University of FloridaJames Reese IV, Defensive Back, Tennessee State UniversityJohn Reese Bellew, Safety, Auburn UniversityMax Reese, Tight End, Eastern Michigan UniversityMichael Reese, Defensive End, Duke UniversityOtis Reese, Safety, University of MississippiQuinton Reese, Safety, Liberty UniversityRichard Reese, Running Back, Baylor University"

As part of their contracts, all of the Reeses will be posting to their own social media accounts, and the Reese’s University Instagram account to share their love of all things football and Reese’s footballs. If you’re curious about Reese’s University, check out their website for more information and see how you can be a part of the fun.

We are pretty excited to see how these athletes spread their love of Reese’s this season and of course, we can’t wait to get our hands on a few packages of those Reese’s footballs. Just remember, these will only be around for a limited time, so if you want to enjoy football shaped peanut butter cups, you’ll need to snag them while they are available.

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