Halloween Cookie Challenge is taking on a “Halloween Cookie Party!” in episode 3

Hosts Jet Tila and Rosana Pansino, as seen on Halloween Cookie Challenge, Season 1.
Hosts Jet Tila and Rosana Pansino, as seen on Halloween Cookie Challenge, Season 1. /

It’s a “Halloween Cookie Party!” on the Halloween Cookie Challenge. And since this is episode 3, we already know that we are starting with four bakers baking up two cookies to get to the main cookie challenge.

So what exactly is the first bake challenge for our bakers? It’s Halloween masks of course! Because how can we have a Halloween party without a Halloween mask? (That’s right, we can’t.)

For this first challenge, we have Christina who was baking up snickerdoodle cookies and making a Monarch Butterfly mask. Then there was Pete who was baking up caramel apple cookies in order to create an Elton John inspired mask with glasses and a feathered hair piece.

Our third baker for this challenge was Salma. For her cookie dough, she was making a toasted sesame orange cookie to make a Jack O’Lantern mask. And finally we have Elizabeth who baked up a cookies & cream cookie to make a spider eating clown mask.

The Halloween Cookie Challenge made it all about Halloween parties in episode 3

With just 90 minutes to make their masks and only three spots in the money bake, it’s anyone’s game. (And with a few issues in the kitchen, there was definitely some concern over who might make it to the next round of baking).

Of course, since this is the Halloween Cookie Challenge, it is all about the cookies. And that was definitely the focus of the judging! Because right away, the first baker’s cookie ended up breaking as Rosanna went to pick it up to see if the mask held up. And yet, there was still a lot of fun to be had with these masks.

At the end of the judging, someone still had to go home. And the baker who ended up going home was Pete.

Now it is on for the ultimate bake for the prize! And that means creating edible party banners. And yes, they have to make two different cookie doughs for this challenge.

For this challenge, the bakers have to go all out with two cookies and a variety of designs to make these banners pop. And for many of the cookies/doughs, it is all about bringing out those Fall flavors too.

Perhaps the biggest challenge of all was actually hanging the banners as one of our bakers actually saw her cookie banner fall to the floor with under five minutes left on the clock. And while she was able to get her banner back up after the tumble, it was still a devastating moment.

Another baker saw pieces of her banner fall off after the time ended as well. But in general, her piece came together and she was able to get her cookies tasted.

Overall, this was an interesting challenge and one that lead to some amazing designs.

So which baker ended up winning the Halloween Parties episode of Halloween Cookie Challenge? The ultimate winner of episode 3 and the $10,000 was Christina!

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