Halloween Cookie Challenge takes on the shadows and carving

Hosts Jet Tila and Rosana Pansino, as seen on Halloween Cookie Challenge, Season 1.
Hosts Jet Tila and Rosana Pansino, as seen on Halloween Cookie Challenge, Season 1. /

Episode 4 of Halloween Cookie Challenge is here and with it, four new cookie bakers. This time we ask the age old question, “You Afraid of the Dark Cookie?”.

For the first round challenge, it is all about baking up cookies that bring the spooky with a silhouette scene. So it is important to pay attention to shadows and details in this particular bake. And since these cookies need to be at least six inches, it’s important for the bakers to pay attention to measurements too.

Up first we have Mik who is baking up a brown sugar apple spice cookie and her silhouette scene is a witch in a window. The next baker is Tinnell who is making a snickerdoodle cookie. For her silhouette cookie, it’s a graveyard scene with the moon acting as a light source.

Our third baker is Ben. For his cookie he is doing a pumpkin spice cookie dough. And for his silhouette design, it’s all about witches heading to a haunted castle for a gathering. Finally, our fourth baker is Danielle and her cookie dough is a lemon ginger. For her silhouette, she is doing the headless horseman with a moon and spooky tree.

Halloween Cookie Challenge kicks off with silhouette cookies before making carved cookies

Perhaps the most interesting aspect of this silhouette cookie challenge is just how challenging it really is. As one of the baker pointed out when talking about their own design, it might not be a true silhouette and that begs the question of what makes a true silhouette design.

Honestly, this might have been the most stressful round of the Halloween Cookie Challenge we have seen yet. There were plenty of oopsies and mistakes this time, with all of the bakers seemingly struggling with these first round designs.

After a round that left us wondering who would make the best silhouette, the judges had some interesting comments. There were some delicious cookies and some designs that had the judges smiling.

Sadly, one cookie maker still had to go home, so which baker got sent home first? The eliminated baker was Danielle.

For the second round of this Halloween Cookie Challenge, it was time for the display challenge. It’s about building a display with cookies and this time it’s all about the Jack O’Lantern. For this round, they must build a 3D cookie Jack O’Lantern that has two flavors of cookie dough and the center must be hollow. There is $10,000 on the line and just 2.5 hours to make magic happen.

Ben is making a Chili Lime Mango cookie and a Chipotle Gingerbread cookie for his giant pumpkin with a cat on top. He is even including a pumpkin patch sign for his design that includes Halloween Cookie Challenge on the cookie board.

In Tinnell’s kitchen she is making a Sweet Potato Chocolate cookie dough and a Vanilla Almond Sugar Cookie for her second dough. For her pumpkin she is doing a two-faced pumpkin with one side being scary and the other side being a more girly design.

Then we have Mik, who is baking up a Jack O’Lantern cookie jar. Her doughs are a Sweet Corn Mango cookie dough and a Chocolate Marshmallow cookie.

With three very different but special designs, all three of these bakers are bringing the magic. And it is truly anyone’s game.

So which cookie maker will reign supreme on this Halloween Cookie Challenge? The winner this time around was Ben!

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