Hell’s Kitchen Battle of the Ages: Who is Chef O’Shay Lolley?

HELL’S KITCHEN: Host / chef Gordon Ramsay in the “Clawing To The Top” episode of HELL’S KITCHEN airing THURSDAY, Oct. 13 (8:00-9:00 PM ET/PT) on FOX. © 2022 FOX MEDIA LLC. CR: FOX.
HELL’S KITCHEN: Host / chef Gordon Ramsay in the “Clawing To The Top” episode of HELL’S KITCHEN airing THURSDAY, Oct. 13 (8:00-9:00 PM ET/PT) on FOX. © 2022 FOX MEDIA LLC. CR: FOX. /

Welcome to Season 21 of one of America’s favorite fast-paced and super intense cooking shows with an old vs. new twist this year: Hell’s Kitchen Battle of the Ages! On this season of Hell’s Kitchen, there is a team of 40-something year-old chefs and a team of 20-something year-old chefs, battling it out to become one of Chef Gordon Ramsay’s next prodigies/superstars.

With week three coming to a close, another chef has been eliminated. This week, the chef got eliminated kinda had it coming for him/her. But let’s wait to find out exactly who that is….

Let’s dive into who the third chef who was sent home is: Chef O’Shay Lolley!

What are your thoughts on Hell’s Kitchen Battle of the Ages thus far? Let’s chat!

Who is O’Shay? What’s his story? Why is he here on Hell’s Kitchen? Let’s find all of that out and so much more down below…here we go!

Where is O’Shay Lolley from?

Hailing all the way from New Castle, Delaware, Chef O’Shay was hoping to prove that not only is he worthy of a spot as one of Chef Gordon Ramsay’s next and upcoming head chefs, but also that some of his unconventional orange soda in collard greens cooking ways, were good enough to put forward and share with the world!

How old is Chef O’Shay?

He is forty-two years old and him an his former fellow chef and competitor, Zeus, are the first two and only chefs to have competed from the state of Delaware.

Before coming onto Hell’s Kitchen, what was his occupation?

Chef O’Shay Lolley works as an Executive Chef back at home.

What was his Signature Dish Challenge score and how’d he do?

During the coveted and ever-so-famous Signature Dish Challenge during the first episode, O’Shay did alright. He used one of his mom’s old techniques of putting orange soda into his collard greens, which completely and utterly shocked mentor Chef Jason as well as Gordon himself. He stated how his mom is the one who had originally taught him how to cook in order to keep him out of trouble from the neighborhood in which he grew up in as a young child and going forward. Chef Ramsay was a bit turned off by the use of orange soda in his collard greens, however he did praise Chef Lolley for having beautifully cooked salmon on the plate, as well as having a few other good elements. Ultimately, Lolley got some points docked for using orange soda, which therefore earned him a 3 out of 5 stars (I think he shouldn’t have gotten docked points if it still tasted good). At this point, I thought that O’Shay had a chance to re-prove himself to Chef Ramsay and everyone else that sometimes unconventional cooking can and will be conventional cooking down the line!

Why was he eliminated?

Well, folks. Ultimately, him and fellow Chef Nicole worked the Meat Station during their second full-on dinner service as the blue team. While things started out okay, minus Billy’s way too over-the-top pumping up of the team, things ultimately went way downhill due to a lack of communication all around, mostly coming from the Meat Station. It ultimately got the blue team kicked out of their kitchen…yet again. The team, as well as Ramsay, felt that most of the lack of communication within the Meat Station, came from O’Shay’s side of things, ultimately getting him sent packing back at the dorms and eventually heading home.

Among other things, this is what he said upon exiting Hell’s Kitchen:

"“It’s just disappointing when you don’t perform up to your standards, and certainly up to Chef Ramsay’s standards. But that’s my next thing to keep pushing, to take what I learned from Chef Ramsay here, and it makes me want more for myself. It makes me dream, so I’m gonna dream.”"

It seems to me that Mr. O’Shay over here forgot that communication is key whenever you’re on Hell’s Kitchen. If you can’t communicate with your team, let alone someone who you are working the very same station with, then you simply just aren’t cut out and simply can’t take the heat!

Oh well, maybe he should start trying to convince more people that as long as it tastes good and doesn’t ruin the flavor of anything, that orange soda does belong in more dishes other than his world-famous collard greens! Stop being so fussy and biased, people! Give justice to orange soda a fair and true chance! Please, for Mr. Lolley, if anything!

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What are your thoughts on the first two weeks of Hell’s Kitchen Battle of the Ages? Did Chef O’Shay Lolley deserve to go home? Let’s chat all about this all down below! Eat up!