Hell’s Kitchen Battle of the Ages: Who is Chef Billy Trudsoe?

HELL’S KITCHEN: Contestant Billy. © 2022 FOX MEDIA LLC. CR: FOX.
HELL’S KITCHEN: Contestant Billy. © 2022 FOX MEDIA LLC. CR: FOX. /

Welcome to Season 21 of one of America’s favorite fast-paced and super intense cooking shows with an old vs. new twist this year: Hell’s Kitchen Battle of the Ages! On this season of Hell’s Kitchen, there is a team of 40-something year-old chefs and a team of 20-something year-old chefs, battling it out to become one of Chef Gordon Ramsay’s next prodigies/superstars.

With week three coming to a close, another chef has been eliminated. This week, O’shay kinda had it coming for him. But there’s someone else who could’ve gone home and no, they weren’t the second team nominee…

Let’s dive into a Chef’s life, who is a crazy wild cat all over the kitchen: Chef Billy Trudsoe!

What are your thoughts on Hell’s Kitchen Battle of the Ages thus far? Let’s chat!

Who is Billy? What’s his story? Why is he here on Hell’s Kitchen? Let’s find all of that out and so much more down below…here we go!

Where is Billy Trudsoe from?

Hailing all the way from Melbourne, Florida, Chef Billy is here to prove that quitting his job just to be on the show, was worth all of the while. It takes a lot of guts to do something like that, given that there is literally zero of an inkling of any type of guarantee that this whole process will be worth it for him. I think that Billy’s attitude and behavior needs to shape up…then he’s good to go!

How old is Chef Billy?

He is forty-years old and he is the first chef to be nominated twice in the first week…and survive nonetheless! He becomes the second chef to do this after Season 11 competitor, Chef Mary Poehnelt survived two nominations in the same day.

Before coming onto Hell’s Kitchen, what was his occupation?

Chef Billy Trudsoe, before quitting his job to be on the show, works as a Head Chef back at home.

What was his Signature Dish Challenge score and how’d he do?

During the coveted and ever-so-famous Signature Dish Challenge during the first episode, Billy did alright. While he presented an overall good dish of Chicken Francese with Parm and Basil, Ramsay had a couple of critiques for him. His risotto was cooked great, according to Chef Gordon, but it was presented slightly lumpy and portioned way to high (too much) for his liking. He was the last Chef to have his signature dish judged by Ramsay, which ultimately earned him a 3 out of 5 stars, unfortunately loosing the first team challenge for the Blue Team, earning them the punishment. At this point, I could already tell that Billy had quite the loud mouth and was going to take some serious taming and learning in order to get him into any sort of line. I know he can do it, but based off of this past episode alone, he’s still got quite the marathon to go ahead of him!

What’s wrong with him…seriously?!

Okay, folks. So, no, he hasn’t been eliminated quite yet, but I for sure thought that he was close…a couple of times (and I’m sure so did Gordon Ramsay as well). He’s got some attitude problems, and tends to yell and scream while he’s trying to pump up his team. No, there’s nothing wrong with pumping up your team to do well, but the way he does it, makes it seem like he’s Chef Ramsay himself. Even Gordon expressed that he doesn’t have to say exactly what he says right after him; he isn’t Ramsay he never will be Ramsay, no matter how hard he may be trying to do so.

Among other things, here’s his most famous quotes thus far (at least):

"(In A Mimicking Tone Towards Chef Gordon Ramsay)“Very nice, very nicely done, guys.”"

"“Yo, can I get a chicken wing?”"

"(About O’Shay After His Failed Lobster Challenge Results)“O’Shay, oh f***! Come on, bro. You’re supposed to be a chef.”"

Oh well. I do think that there’s nothing in the kitchen per say that Billy has to learn more than he has to learn how to truly talk to others. The way he talks to people and approaches people comes off in every sort of way, but a good or great one. If he works on that, he could be an excelling chef. But right now, is it bad that I’m kinda rooting for him to go home? I don’t care…I just do!

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What are your thoughts on the first two weeks of Hell’s Kitchen Battle of the Ages? What do you think of Chef Billy Trudsoe? Is his time on the show coming to a (super quick) end? Let’s chat all about this all down below! Eat up!