The Halloween Cookie Challenge takes on “Crazy Colors, Ghost Graveyards”

Hosts Jet Tila and Rosana Pansino, as seen on Halloween Cookie Challenge, Season 1.
Hosts Jet Tila and Rosana Pansino, as seen on Halloween Cookie Challenge, Season 1. /

For episode 5 of the Halloween Cookie Challenge, Jet Tila and Rosanna Pansino have the bakers thinking outside of the Halloween box a bit. At least in the first round of baking.

But what does it mean to think outside the box of Halloween? It means making traditional imagery but in colors you wouldn’t necessarily expect to find during spooky season.

As with previous bakes on the Halloween Cookie Challenge, our round one bakers have to create two designs out of one cookie dough flavor. So who are the competitors and what are they baking up?

Halloween Cookie Challenge is taking on non-Halloween colors before heading to the graveyard in episode 5

In round one we have Emily who is making a rainbow sherbet cookie dough to make a hot pink spider and a skull with pink flowers for her cookies. Next we have Cheryl who is making a cinnamon doughnut cookie which will become a pizza and an ice cream cone with the designs bringing the spooky factor.

The third baker is Allan, who is doing a gluten-free coconut raspberry cookie dough to make a rainbow ghosts and a Dia de Los Muertos sugar skull. Finally we have Janae, whose cookie dough is an orange ginger flavor to make a Jack O’Lantern and a Candy Corn design with costumes on.

Right away it’s clear that these cookies are next level in the colors and designs. Sadly, there were some issues in the kitchen, with at least one baker having cookie issues. And after judging that definitely pointed out a few issues with more than one baker’s cookies.

Sadly, one baker has to go home. So which baker went home before the money round? That would be Janae.

For the second round, the bakers left behind had to whip a ghostly graveyard display at least six inches tall and featuring two cookie dough flavors. And not only that, but they must each pick one flavor from a fresh fruit that they have to include.

Emily decided to do a Spiced Blood Orange Cookie and a Cookie Butter Cookie. Cheryl baked up a Butter Pecan with Amarena Cherry Cookie and a Peanut Butter with Chocolate Chips and Toffee Bits Cookie. Finally, Allan opted for a Pomegranate Gingerbread Cookie and an Oatmeal Pecan Cookie.

With the three bakers making some very different, but amazing designs for their graveyard cookie displays, this is one Halloween Cookie Challenge that might just be extra spooky…for the bakers.

Honestly, it was a big challenge for the bakers, and in the final seconds, things certainly collapsed at least on Allan’s display. But who ended up winning this episode of Halloween Cookie Challenge?

In the end, the winner was ultimately Emily!

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