Hell’s Kitchen Battle of the Ages: Who is Chef Nicole Gomez?

HELL’S KITCHEN: Contestant Nicole. © 2022 FOX MEDIA LLC. CR: FOX.
HELL’S KITCHEN: Contestant Nicole. © 2022 FOX MEDIA LLC. CR: FOX. /

Welcome to Season 21 of one of America’s favorite fast-paced and super intense cooking shows with an old vs. new twist this year: Hell’s Kitchen Battle of the Ages! On this season of Hell’s Kitchen, there is a team of 40-something year-old chefs and a team of 20-something year-old chefs, battling it out to become one of Chef Gordon Ramsay’s next prodigies/superstars.

With weeks four and five coming to a close, another chef has been eliminated. This week, the person who ended up getting sent home, kinda had it coming for them…

Let’s dive into a Chef’s life, who is a crazy wild cat all over the kitchen: Chef Nicole Gomez!

What are your thoughts on Hell’s Kitchen Battle of the Ages thus far? Let’s chat!

Who is Nicole? What’s her story? Why is she here on Hell’s Kitchen? Let’s find all of that out and so much more down below…here we go!

Where is Nicole Gomez from?

Hailing all the way from Los Angeles, California, Chef Nicole was hoping to prove that she was worthy to be in the presence of Chef Gordon Ramsay, being one of the oldest people on her team. For those Hell’s Kitchen super-fans out there, you may also know that she is the first contestant to get the lowest ranking in the history of the show, for those that ended up switching teams…hmm, interesting fact if you ask me…

How old is Chef Nicole?

She is forty-six years old and along with already-eliminated fellow 40-somethings chef, Zeus, she was the second oldest contestant this year (Zeus is forty-eight years old).

Before coming onto Hell’s Kitchen, what was her occupation?

Chef Nicole Gomez works as a Private Chef back at home.

What was her Signature Dish Challenge score, and how’d she do?

During the coveted and ever-so-famous Signature Dish Challenge during the first episode, Nicole did something that no one should ever do, although she is proceeded by seven other chefs…and that is to use pre-made food. Yes, folks…not only did she used boxed/bagged pasta, but she also used canned tomatoes for her sauce, to which she basically just ever so lightly mashed up and seasoned with some salt and pepper (to taste, of course). She also wore high heels and was noticeably uncomfy, as helper and mentor Chef Jason asked if she was alright. Although she was uncomfortable wearing said heels, she liked feeling sexy and confident while cooking (guess it didn’t work for ya, though, in the long run, lady). Not only did Ramsay totally annihilate her for using the boxed pasta and for it looking awful, he also stated that it tasted even worse than it looked, which ultimately earned her a 1 out of 5 stars. Giiiiirl…she should’ve known way better, am I right?!

Why was she eliminated?

Well, folks, ultimately, it was all of her mistakes and misfires that ended up sending her home. During the opening-episode Slider Challenge, she was so determined not to let the Red Team down, that she ended up presenting her slider to Chef Ramsay as opposed to sending out Sommer’s. When going up against Brett for the beef sliders, she needed a score of 4 to win and a score of 5 to tie. She presented her Meat and Potatoes Burger w/ Bacon and White Cheddar Cheese (sounds super good if you ask me). However, while it was deemed clever, it was also deemed too basic. She ended up scoring a 2, ultimately losing the Red Team their first all-ladies team challenge. Later that evening, she just ultimately couldn’t prove herself worthy on the garnish station. Here’s what Ramsay had to say about Nicole’s unfortunate, but definitely coming exit on the show, just in general: “With her team struggling, Nicole decided to hide instead of help. That’s all I needed to see.”

Among other things, this is what she said upon exiting Hell’s Kitchen:

"“I feel a little disappointed, but I’m a little disappointed in the girls. I feel that I was abandoned by them. I mean, all of them failed. I did not, not tonight. So that’s on them. But it’s okay, Sandwich. Mama’s coming home.” (*cue me rolling my eyes with all of America as well*)"

It seems to me that Nicole forgot that your reasons of getting sent home aren’t just based off of one dinner service’s worth of mistakes. Chef Ramsay takes into account everything that’s happened thus far (when eliminations are coming up, based on who the team nominates themselves). If Chef Ramsay feels like that you’re worthy of staying, he’ll send you back in line. Ultimately, I feel that Nicole’s time to go was way overdue. She did one good thing and she claimed that she went from zero to effing hero, as she put it at least. Well, girl, you didn’t. News flash…no one cares about what you tell your seemingly cute dog…keep it to yourself and freaking focus on the freaking competition! K, thanks…but definitely don’t keep that up…at all!

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What are your thoughts on the first two weeks of Hell’s Kitchen Battle of the Ages? Did Chef Nicole Gomez deserve to go home? Let’s chat all about this all down below! Eat up!