Hell’s Kitchen Battle of the Ages: Who is Chef Alejandro Najar?

HELL’S KITCHEN: Contestant Alejandro. © 2022 FOX MEDIA LLC. CR: FOX.
HELL’S KITCHEN: Contestant Alejandro. © 2022 FOX MEDIA LLC. CR: FOX. /

Welcome to Season 21 of one of America’s favorite fast-paced and super intense cooking shows with an old vs. new twist this year: Hell’s Kitchen Battle of the Ages! On this season of Hell’s Kitchen, there is a team of 40-something year-old chefs and a team of 20-something year-old chefs, battling it out to become one of Chef Gordon Ramsay’s next prodigies/superstars.

With weeks four and five coming to a close, another chef has been eliminated, but we’ve already talked about him. For now, let’s highlight a chef who almost went home, but was saved by Gordon Ramsay himself (Hint: he’s usually a very strong chef, but just had a bad day/episode in general).

Let’s dive into a Chef’s life, who is a crazy wild cat all over the kitchen: Alejandro Najar!

What are your thoughts on Hell’s Kitchen Battle of the Ages thus far? Let’s chat!

Who is Alejandro? What’s his story? Why is he here on Hell’s Kitchen? Let’s find all of that out and so much more down below…here we go!

Where is Alejandro Najar from?

Hailing all the way from Baberton, Ohio, Chef Alejandro is here to prove that the young guns can and will beat out the old(er) dogs. He is also only the sixth chef to earn a punishment, only starting back in 2018. Let’s hope he doesn’t waste it and saves it for the right moment (I personally would’ve used it instead of trash day, but hey, maybe Alejandro can just sense that there’s a worse, something way worse of a punishment coming along). We shall see, folks, we shall see!

How old is Chef Alejandro?

He is twenty-eight years old and so far, so good. He’s had maybe a slip up or two, but other than that, he’s really been pulling his weight and proving his worth to both all of America watching and the Chef Gordon Ramsay himself as well. Let’s hope that he keeps this up because I really do like him and think that he has a great chance of winning this whole entire thing! Thoughts?

Before coming onto Hell’s Kitchen, what was his occupation?

Chef Alejandro Najar works as an executive chef back at home.

What was his Signature Dish Challenge score, and how’d he do?

During the coveted and ever-so-famous Signature Dish Challenge during the first episode, Alejandro did pretty well! He presented his signature Brick Chicken dish, and in all honesty, I could’ve taken right from the screen and tried it myself…yes, it looked that good. Going up against 40-something Chef Abe, Alejandro was the seventh person to have his dish judged by the then red team (now separated by gender, but was separated by age). Ramsay gave Najar much praise for it being cooked gorgeously, as well as giving him even some more additional cheers for working at a brewery (honestly…how cool is that). All of this and then some, to make a long story short, earned Alejandro a well-deserved 4 out of 5 stars, although I do think that he deserved a 5, if you ask me!

What makes him so good…and what happened to him this week?

First of all, during the Creative Chicken Wing Challenge, he presented something that was risky: Mediterranian Chicken Wings. Well, folks, in case you missed it, it ended up paying off because he was voted one of the top three chefs of the challenge in general by the opposite team from Chef Christina. What also makes him a good chef and an even greater leader is that he’s not afraid of critiques and to critique. Ramsay asked the top people from each team (same chicken challenge) to give the worst wings from the opposing teams. Without completely s*****g on people and making them feel even more bad than they already did, he was kind, respectful, and tasted all!

While he’s got no note-worthy quotes to note here thus far at least, I think we’ll have a good one to talk about when we get his true, raw reaction to when he opens the door as the winner!

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What are your thoughts on the first five weeks of Hell’s Kitchen Battle of the Ages? What do you think of Chef Alejandro Najar? Is his time on the show coming to a (super quick) end? Let’s chat all about this all down below! Eat up!