Halloween Cookie Challenge took on “Body Parts and Creepy Cauldrons” in episode 6

Hosts Jet Tila and Rosana Pansino, as seen on Halloween Cookie Challenge, Season 1.
Hosts Jet Tila and Rosana Pansino, as seen on Halloween Cookie Challenge, Season 1. /

The Halloween Cookie Challenge kicked things up a notch in episode 6 and that meant starting things off with a gruesome cookie challenge! In the first round of the competition, our four bakers have to make two body part cookies. And while they only have to make it with one cookie dough, it is still a challenge to make things creepy and even realistic.

And right away things took a weird turn as Kyra decided to go with a “Vampire Slayer cookie.” Her cookie features roasted garlic with dark chocolate and cayenne pepper. Her designs are a broken heart cookie with bandages and blood splatter, while cookie two is dangling eyeballs tied together with a bow. (This savory cookie dough might just be a first for the Halloween Cookie Challenge!)

In Justine’s kitchen, her cookie is a peanut butter maple dough. The cookies are a wounded jaw with bad teeth and a gangrenous big toe.

Minh is our third baker, and her cookie dough is a sour apple caramel. And her designs are the brain covered in blood and a mouth with teeth that are not all there.

Finally we have Stephen. His cookie dough is a vanilla almond sugar cookie. And for the actual body parts, he is doing a heart filled with red caramel, while his second body part is a zombie hand. And his heart is not the only interactive cookie, as the zombie hand will have boba bubbles to make pustules.

Halloween Cookie Challenge went creepy with body part cookies and cauldron displays

With some truly impressive cookies baked up in this round, it is anyone’s game. And judging was definitely interesting.

Of course, no matter how cool some of these cookies were, someone has to go home. So which baker was sent home after this round of the Halloween Cookie Challenge? Sadly, that would be Stephen.

Now it’s time for our second round, where our bakers need to do a Creepy Cauldron display with potion out of cookies. They must use two different doughs and it must be at least six inches tall. Everything must be edible and they must use some very potent ingredients including balsamic vinegar or fennel pollen in one of their cookies.

Justine is doing a Black Licorice cookie and a root beer cookie for her two doughs. Minh is doing her cauldron designs with an orange lavender cookie and a devil’s food cookie. Finally, Kyra is baking up her cauldron and potion with a strawberry balsamic vinegar cookie and a maple bacon cookie.

All three of our bakers are going all out with their designs. And these Creepy Cauldron displays are definitely out of this world.

Sadly, only one of our bakers can win the Halloween Cookie Challenge. So which baker ends up baking their way to the prize? That would be Justine!

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