HelloFresh Thanksgiving meal kit and Pass Master are now available

HelloFresh Thanksgiving Pass Master Silo. Image courtesy HelloFresh
HelloFresh Thanksgiving Pass Master Silo. Image courtesy HelloFresh /

Thanksgiving says it’s all about food and family and being thankful, but let’s be real: it’s one of the most stressful holidays if you are the one hosting your family and making all the food. But it doesn’t have to be so chaotic with a little help from HelloFresh.

From now until Nov 17, 2022, you can order the perfect holiday meal and make Thanksgiving as easy as if you were a guest and not the host. With the Thanksgiving Feast Meal Kit, you can choose from either traditional Roast Turkey or Peppercorn-Crusted Beef Tenderloin.

The turkey can serve 8-10 people at $18.99 per person and the tenderloin can serve 4-6 people at $24.99 per person.

And on top of the main entree, you get a ton of sides (the best part of the meal) and a dessert. The sides include creamy garlic and sour cream mashed potatoes, ciabatta stuffing with chicken sausage and cranberries, gravy, fresh cranberry sauce with orange and cinnamon, and broccoli and cheddar gratin with parmesan garlic breadcrumbs. The dessert is an apple ginger crisp.

HelloFresh Thanksgiving Feast Steak with Box. Image courtesy HelloFresh
HelloFresh Thanksgiving Feast Steak with Box. Image courtesy HelloFresh /

You can now order your Thanksgiving feast from HelloFresh

But Thanksgiving is not only stressful because of the food. Sometimes it’s stressful due to the people as well. HelloFresh recently ran a survey and the results showed that 44% of Americans are not looking forward to the conversation around the dinner table turning to politics, religion, or the state of the economy.

Well, HelloFresh has your back there as well. Starting today, you can bid to win a limited-edition Pass Master. If an awful topic comes up and you can’t take the conversation anymore, you just have to press the pass button and the awkward moment (or the blow-out fight) has to end. Just make sure to set up the rules ahead of time.

But if your family is all love and rainbows, the Pass Master has another button that allows you to easily pass your dishes around the table without having to pass each dish from person to person. You simply have to press the green HelloFresh button and the mashed potatoes can be sent to the person who needs a second helping.

If you want the Pass Master, make sure to get your bid in quickly. The auction closes on Tuesday, Nov 15 at 11:59 PM. Just head to the HelloFresh Pass Master website.

Will you be using HelloFresh to help make Thanksgiving a little less stressful this year? Let us know in the comments below!

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