Swiss Miss debuts a new holiday sweater for the 2022 season

Hot chocolate at Crave in Hull on Jan. 20, 2022.
Hot chocolate at Crave in Hull on Jan. 20, 2022. /

If you’re a fan of hot chocolate, then Swiss Miss has the perfect gift for you or someone you love and that’s a new holiday sweater to add to your rotation.

While Swiss Miss is popularly known for its hot chocolate, the company is deciding to branch out for the 2022 holiday season. Rather than focus on hot chocolate and its other products, the company decided to unveil something entirely unique for the holiday season.

Of course, many of us are already fans of Swiss Miss and know how delicious the company’s hot chocolate is. However, if you’re looking to up your hoco game this season, then the Swiss Miss ugly holiday sweater might be for you.

Looking at the design though, it is extremely practical if you’re a hot chocolate lover or if you’re a super-fan of Swiss Miss such as myself.

The Swiss Miss holiday sweater could be fun for the hot cocoa lover in your life.

Of course, you’ll want to know what the sweater looks like if you’re planning on purchasing it so I had to insert a picture.

As the picture notes, this year’s design has a few new features compared to last year. The first is a sequin pattern that is reversible with the phrases, “I Am Sweet” and “I Am Hot” along with an insulated pouch to keep your hot chocolate warm or keep your extra packets of cocoa in there.

Additionally, the sweater is made to smell like hot chocolate which is an interesting perk but one I’m intrigued by nonetheless. I’ve actually never had any clothes that were scented especially holiday sweaters. Either way, it’s a major selling point for those who love the smell of hot chocolate and how could you not?

If you’re looking to get this sweater for someone or yourself, then you’re in luck as the sweater is officially on sale now. You can buy the sweater on for $59.95 and comes in sizes small to 3x. While it does seem like a bit of a steep price, I’d never seen a sweater that could keep my hot chocolate hot so I really can’t complain.

Of course if you’re not ready to wear your Swiss Miss love on your body, then you can still enjoy the company’s hot chocolate offerings. Considering that it’s hopefully going to be cold soon, it’s the best time to drink a steaming cup of hot chocolate. There is no denying how delightful and warming a cup of Swiss Miss is.

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Do you plan on purchasing the 2022 Swiss Miss holiday sweater this year? Be sure to let us know your thoughts, Guilty Eaters.